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Hero unit Colonel Burton is introduced in this mission. (He is hiding somewhere on your base.) The Colonel won't tolerate mob violence.

Three pilots are being held behind enemy lines. You must rescue all three of them.

This mission is of moderate difficulty and introduces the USA hero unit, Colonel Burton, a superb sniper unit and demolitions expert.

The Pathfinder, another sniper unit is also introduced. It is necessary to experience combat and be promoted to a three-star General to acquire this unit.

Getting Started[edit]

In later missions, having the funds produced by oil derricks will be critical. Get in the habit now of capturing available oil resources.
  • Choose your General's Powers of Paladin Tank and Emergency Repair.
  • Pump out a large number of Humvees and Paladin tanks. Humvees will help protect your Paladins from infantry attacks.
  • Research the Capture building command at the Barracks. Use one of your Rangers to capture a derrick or derricks directly north of your base. You will need to protect this from enemy attack. You have plenty of funds without capturing the oil derrick, but it is a good habit to get into for later missions!!
You will have plenty of armor to spare -- keep your base well-protected while hunting for the captive pilots.
  • It is necessary to protect your base while you search for the pilots. Always keep a percentage of your armor at the base.
  • Upgrade the Humvees with TOW missiles at the War Factory. This makes the humble Humvee much more deadly and can even hold its own against light armor. But don't get carried away. Take out stinger sites with Paladins.
  • Upgrade your Paladins with battle drones. This will vastly help decrease the danger of infantry attacks.
  • The hero unit Colonel Burton is introduced in this mission. He is completely stealthed except when attacking or within range of detection units. Use him to his full capacity to clear out the mob and infantry.
  • Pathfinders are also introduced, another handy soldier to eliminate pesky infantry. They are in stealth mode when stationary, but vulnerable and visible when moving.

Rescuing the First Two Pilots[edit]

  • Head basically straight east of the base, then slightly north, fighting your way toward the first pilot's location. Attempt to clear the area around the pilot before the rescue or enemy forces will swoop in and kill the pilot.
  • Rescue the first pilot and have him enter one of your Paladin tanks. It will be promoted to three bars, becoming self-healing and more powerful.
  • After rescuing the pilot, the map expands. Head to the north to rescue the second pilot. The second pilot is surrounded by some armor and at least three separate groups of mobs. Use Colonel Burton to vaporize the mob, while the Paladins handle GLA armor and stinger sites. Again, have the pilot enter a Paladin tank to promote its abilities.

Rescuing the Final Pilot[edit]

Colonel Burton is healed by the ambulance waiting for the final assault on the main GLA base.
  • The map again expands after rescuing the second pilot. More care needs to be taken on this mission, as not only must you rescue the pilot, but you must be sure he survives and returns to the base to win the mission.
  • Build up your armor again, so that you not only have enough firepower to destroy the GLA base and rescue the pilot, but to escort him back to the base safely.
  • Continue to keep a contingent of armored vehicles located at the base, as there will be an immediate counterattack upon rescue of the third pilot.
  • If you have not done so already, bring an ambulance to the front to heal Colonel Burton. Unfortunately, Colonel Burton is not "self-healing."
Colonel Burton takes out pesky infantry as Paladin tanks destroy stinger sites, tunnel networks and armor. A nice combination!
  • Storm the base with your Paladins, with Colonel Burton doing his part to take out GLA personnel.
  • Upon rescuing the third pilot, either escort him as he walks on foot or put him in a Paladin tank. Immediately upon leaving the GLA base, you will be attacked by GLA armor.
Have enough armor available after capturing the third pilot to return to the base safely.
  • Survive the gauntlet, returning to the base to win the mission!