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Like most of Command & Conquer games, units in Generals accumulate experiences by destroying enemy units or structures. When a unit accumulates enough experience, it gains Veterancy, which makes it more powerful than a unit of its kind without or with lower Veterancy than it. In Generals, Veterancy is divided to 3 levels, which from lowest to highest are: Veteran, Elite and Heroic. Beside destroying enemies, certain Generals Abilities and upgrades can also help to boost the Veterancy of a certain unit or units. The Red Guard Training Ability of China, for an instance, enables all Red Guards trained from the Barracks to be Veterans. The Advanced Training upgrade of the USA, however, doubles the experience gained by USA units, thus they gain Veterancy twice as fast. There are also other Generals Abilities and upgrades which can be used to alter Veterancy.

Effect of Veterancy on units:

  • Veteran:Unit fires faster and does more damage, represented by a chevron sign above the unit.
  • Elite:Unit fires faster and does more damage, and automatically heals/repairs itself when idle. Represented by a double chevron sign above the unit.
  • Heroic: Unit fires even faster and does significant damage, fires red tracers and heals/repairs itself faster than Elite units. Represented by a triple chevron sign above the unit.

In large or small battles, having units with higher Veterancy can compensate the small differences in numbers and strength, and, depending on the unit in question, may make a significant difference (such as with Pathfinders and Jarmen Kell).