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Hard Difficulty[edit]

Once again Anti-air is the key to victory here. Do not use rocket troopers for this purpose, use Gattling cannons. Initially build 6-8 Gattling Cannons halfway between your base and the river. Do it quickly because you need to have them up and running before the initial assault. The anti-missile defenses on the air force general's planes renders 90% of the rockets fired useless; however, Gattling cannons will rip his planes to shreds.

The only use of the barracks on this level is to train the initial red guard to capture the nearby Oil Derrecks, building Hackers, and Black Lotus. You will not need and infantry forces at all on this level.

On this level, I faced no particle cannon and no ground assault against my base. Even the B2 Stealth Bomber that was used against me in the China Nuke General campaign was absent. (I wonder if because this was a lower mission (Mission 2 instead of Mission 3) that caused the difference. A few Gattling cannons may be destroyed, but as long as you keep repairing and replacing them you will be safe. Extend the Gattling cannon line to the southeast as your base expands.

After you are well defended start building your base. The order should not matter much, but I would focus on getting hackers and an internet center to keep up the cash flow. If your supply pile empties, you can get more supplies to the east.

Once you get the Propaganda Center up and running start building Emperor Tanks. Make sure to equip them with Gattling cannons and they become a self-sufficient assault force. Their gattling cannons defend against air assault and their speaker towers will allow them to heal themselves. When your money flows in build more and more emperor tanks.

After the initial air assault take 3 Emperor tanks, Black Lotus (to scout out the town) and 1 or 2 Dragon tanks. Use the dragon tanks to take out a garrisoned building and destroy everything else with your emperors. After burning a house down move your dragon tank next to the Emperors for protection and for it to heal. Your first destination should be supply pile in the center of town. Once you get there your Emperor tanks (aka mobile gattling cannons) will take out the enemy's supply choppers starving his income. If you take out his supply drop zone with your artillery, he will effectively have no money coming in leaving him at your mercy.

By now you probably have an impressive tank force, just go in and roll over the enemy defenses. If you can survive the initial air assault at the beginning of the level, the rest of this level will be easy in comparison.