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Allied troops will try to sneak onto base in the southern tree line

A direct one-on-one confrontation with the Allied war machine is not always the best strategy, particularly on this mission.

Standard base and unit building will result in the GLA being pummeled by Allied land and air forces -- and their use of the Ion Cannon can be characterized as downright cowardly.

Covert operations are the solution -- placing "ambush teams" behind enemy lines and slowly taking over the base from within.

While conducting these behind-the-line operations, you will be kept plenty busy defending your base.

Important Note: Before taking out the last barracks or other offensive structure from your ambush team, be sure your based is prepared for the "final" counterattack.

Although it is tempting to launch your first "ambush team" as soon as humanly possible, it might be best to build up your home base more before being distracted with your ambush team. One reason for failure on this mission is by having too much fun watching your ambush team capture Allied buildings and the pursuing conflict.

Also, no matter what strategy you employ, you will have unacceptable losses if you are not alert. While manipulating your troops within the Allied base, constantly, constantly keep an eye on your main base and drop what you are doing up north as soon as you see blue Allies blip on your radar heading toward your base.

Getting started[edit]

Here are step-by-step directions on how to get started.

  • Build six workers. Build barracks in far SW corner of base. Move radar van over to quad cannon on eastern front.
  • Receive your General Powers - Marauder Tank, Ambush and Bounty. (By the time you need scud missile, you will have earned another rank.)
  • Start building 3 marauders, 3 quad cannons, and a radar van and set the waypoint to your northern flank.
  • Upgrade the "capture command" at the barracks.
  • Group quad cannon, rocket buggy and 2 tech vehicles as group #2 to guard east flank.
  • Check that all workers are working! By now you can use your ambush team to go behind enemy lines, but wait and build your base a bit more.
  • Build two more workers and build two tunnel networks. One will be located on the far southern screen to the east, leaving enough room for a palace to be built behind the tunnel network. Build the second one in the woods on the far west hidden in the woods somewhat immediately north of the base. If you don't do this, you will be constantly agitated by Allied troops sneaking in and pestering your base.
  • Build palace securely behind tunnel network on southern part of base.
  • Build two quad cannons to add to your eastern flank defense. Reconfigure this eastern group of 3 quad cannons, rocket buggy and 2 techs as #2 for fast attack on eastern front.
  • Rename the two scorpion tanks, three marauders, and three quad cannons as group #1 on the northern front. Radar trucks are now stationed behind both of them to get rid of snipers. (In case you didn't know, that's how you detect snipers!!<g>)
  • Build Jarmen Kell and label him #3 and station in front of the central stinger site for quick reaction to land troops.

By now if you haven't done so, save the game. You will have had a few attacks by now and if you survived keep on going. If you are not happy, start over. You have a reasonably strong defense so you should be able to withstand attacks IF you are attentive!!!

Ambush team.[edit]

Drop off Ambush team here
  • Put the ambush team behind the war factory at the north end of their base. They will probably attack and destroy a dozer. As soon as they are ready, capture the supply center to the northwest, a cold fusion reactor, a bunker and the war factory.
  • When the war factory is captured, immediately research the TOW missile upgrade. You will need to take out the Comanches.
  • Use Jarmen Kell to take out the platoons of incoming US troops. He will be critical to your base defense. And it's fun...
  • Build a scud launcher with the waypoint at a safe point within your base.
  • If the helicopters don't attack your war factory, build 3 humvees, which will have TOW missiles, and put them safely to the north. Once you have 3 TOW-armed Humvees you can destroy the helicopters. If the helicopters destroy your weapons factory, no problem. Just recapture it the next time your ambush team is ready. The counterattack is fairly weak at the US base.
  • When you have a chance, use the scud launcher to take out the tower that is occupied by US infantry. Very strong troops reside within and be ready for their counterattack when they come out of the tower.
  • Back to the US base, your weapons factory may eventually be attacked and if you lose it, don't worry too much.
  • If you can, build 3 tomahawk missile launchers.
  • When things calm down, take over the Command center, immediately build a dozer and drive it to a safe area in the north part of the base. After you drive away the dozer, the Command center will be destroyed. Don't worry about this.
  • Build all necessary buildings so you can rebuild the weapons factory, if necessary. Then build a supply drop further north for much needed supplies.
  • When the Allied bulldozer comes north, try not to kill it so you can capture whatever buildings are built. You might get an Particle Cannon or other goodies.
  • Be sure to capture plenty of power plants so you can power your captured Allied base.

Because of the base you captured, you won't have to deal with air attacks, if you capture their air base, and armored attacks. You also won't have to deal with the Particle Cannon!

As soon as a mass attack starts, be sure to save your game in case things go badly. The counterattack is quite severe.

Throughout the capturing of the US base, you are going to have constant attacks at your home base in the south. If they attack first, you will lose units. If you pay attention and attack first, you probably will lose no units. As soon as you see any blue blips coming toward your home base, double-tap #1, #2, or Jarmen Kell to attack first, or at least soon after they start attacking. Replace units and regroup them as #1 or #2 so your future attacks will be efficient. Be sure a radar van stays behind both groups.

Continue to build up your defenses at your home base until you use your "ambush" forces to destroy the enemy base with tomahawk missile launchers (which you created with your war factory).

Finally, capture 4 bunkers and perform "mop-up" duties to win the game.