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If you have already played against the Toxin General with the Laser General, the strategy is extremely similar. The EMP Patriots provide a great defense for most of the game, with a few wrinkles added. Humvees and Pathfinders should be added to the defense to protect against infantry. No Rocket Buggies were noticed in this mission and the Patriots efficiently dealt with Scud Launchers. Colonel Burton was not used extensively during defensive play and kept getting fumigated by the toxins.

This is an enjoyable mission once your base is well protected.

Key Strategies
  • Take advantage of your EMP Patriots to defend your base. Fire Bases will be very susceptible to chemical attacks.
  • Immediately build an extra Chinook supply helicopter to get the credits rolling in. Be sure to have Supply Drop Zones for continued cash flow.
  • After building six or so Particle Cannons (bargain priced!) you can destroy the entire GLA base with these Cannons, A10 Missile Strikes, Colonel Burton and a handful of Pathfinders. Destroy structures using your “Superweapons” as you move to the east and then north – and just keep scooting up the Pathfinders as you move along to keep GLA workers from rebuilding their facilities. Their base will be obliterated before you know it.


Start with building a Reactor, an extra dozer, a Barracks and Supply Center. Immediately research the Capture command and send a Ranger to capture the derrick. Immediately build one or two extra Supply Choppers. Upgrade the Reactor.

After this, build two EMP Patriots to the east by the oil derrick – one above it and one below it.

Pull back to build one more Reactor, then upgrade it.

The remaining Patriots will be built on a straight line to the north of your base. Build the third and fourth Patriots far enough west to protect your Command Center. Eventually you will fill the gap toward the east to link up with your Patriots near the oil derrick.

Build your War Factory and then two Hummers – stationing one to the east and one to the north of your base. This is important to help control suicide soldiers and other infantry, since the Patriots are not as efficient as Laser Turrets at destroying these.

Go ahead and build your fifth and sixth Patriots along the northern string of defenses. You should be fairly secure now.

Go ahead and start building your Strategy Center. Don’t forget to choose one of your three free upgrades.

Build two Supply Drop Zones in the back of your base.

It takes a while before you are promoted to the third level. As soon as you are, create two Pathfinders and put them in Guard mode to the east of your base and to the north. Center the Guard command a bit behind your Patriots so they are a bit safer from toxins.

Colonel Burton is really not that necessary at this stage of the game, although he is a pleasure to have along on the offensive operations a bit later. Occasionally he comes in handy expediting the destruction of a Scud Launcher.

Go ahead and start building your first and second Particle Cannons. Add a seventh and eighth Patriot to your northern defensive line. Of course, build Reactors as needed.

At this point, you will have to destroy the Scud Storm. If the second Particle Cannon is not ready in time to destroy the Scud Storm, use the A10 Missile Strike upgraded to the second or third level. The third level is the only way to “be sure” it will be destroyed.

From here on out, you may want to build a Tomahawk or two to take out the toxic bunkers in the area and the Stinger Sites on your side of the river.

Continue to build about six Particle Cannons and the corresponding Patriots to protect them.

Things should be reasonably well under control by now. Time to think about offensive operations.

Offensive Operations[edit]

This walkthrough will take you east before heading due north to the main GLA base.

A standard ground force can be used, especially with the use of your Tomahawks, but the following method works great.

As you head east, the bulk of the GLA assault will continue to take a more westerly path to your base and will not obstruct your progress.

Start by clearing the toxic Bunkers directly to the east of your base. Destroy all Stinger Sites and Toxic Networks on your side of the river by a combination of your General’s Powers, Particle Cannons or armored units.

Send Pathfinders east, along with Colonel Burton, to scout the area, using your Particle Cannons to blast anything in your path. Colonel Burton can destroy the Demo Traps.

The garrisoned buildings can also be cleared by using Flash Bangs -- after researching the technology at the Barracks. But, hey, you are the Superweapon General! Why not just blast them with a particle beam from space!

After clearing the east side of the river, move your Pathfinders toward the northern bridge to be sure no workers cross it. If you want, you can fly a bulldozer in a Chinook to set up a Barracks to quickly replace any Pathfinders that are lost on the way north.

If desired, build a few EMP Patriots to defend the area. On my playing of this mission, though, no Truck Bombs were sent to this eastern area at this stage of the game – although they were when playing different generals on this same Toxin map.

When using the Particle Cannon, be sure to click on two or more different areas while the blue cursor is present. This way, two or three buildings can be destroyed in one blast.

Clear the north side of the bridge, being careful to stay away from garrisoned structures. Destroy the structures to the east and west of the bridge and move additional Pathfinders to secure these areas.

Continue slowly moving north -- destroying GLA structures by any means necessary, including your Particle Cannons, weaponry available from your General’s Powers and, if desired, your armored units. Keep moving up your snipers to the north.

Before you realize it, the GLA defenses will be gone – and victory will be yours!!

Mission accomplished!