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This is really hell on earth. Save often, things will keep going wrong often. It sometimes depends on single units to turn the tide.

Recruit 6 workers, quickly build a supply dock south of the supplies, barracks southeast of the command center, an Arms dealer southwest of that. Than place 5 mines where the sneak attack will occur. This is marked by two dark cracks. Do not place them too closely to each other, or they will detonate each other with no effects.

Simultaneously, build a toxin network southwest of the oil rig, and a stinger site at the very bottom of the map. Fend off the infantry, place the tank hunters between the two defense sites, they must survive. Now place them on the bridge, destroy the two rocket buggies, collect the supplies. Withdraw them, focus on fending off attacks. Again simultaneously you must build a palace between command center and the ridge. Make sure you have 4 tank hunters and a soldier ready to enter IMMIDEATELY after the palace is complete, this will fend off the sneak attack. Recruit Jarmen Kell quickly, when he’s ready snipe a rocket buggy or similar, place it between palace and ridge, enemy vehicles coming across the bridge will attack it and be slaughtered by the palace guards. Kell should now have crossed the bridge (careful, but you might want to snipe random vehicles). Collect the resources at the very bottom right, move north quickly. Snipe randomly, but be sure to have a snipe ready south of the bunker. One of the passing rocket buggies or possibly a close tank is a good choice. Kill all infantry, then ask for rebel assault. Take the tank/buggy, destroy the bunker at a close call. This is necessary, as your toxin troops are incapable of destroying buildings in less then ages. Order Kell north to the lab, snipe all Overlords and possibly more passing tanks.

In the mean time, you might want to build a palace and guards at the bridge, either on your side or the other one. Try to build black markets and scud storms. When they are ready, destroy air fields.

When your rebels are available again (level 2 will do, use the rest for money), capture all the Overlords quickly. Kell should snipe the Overlord coming from the network, try to draw away “your” overlords and capture the last one as well. Defend the bridge, do not capture tech buildings, they will be destroyed anyway. If necessary, destroy the lab. You can now choose to use the Prince Kassad strategy (Overlord rush after Double Scud Storm) or 6-8 Scuds to destroy Command Centres, Scud Storm, Nuclear Missile, Ion Cannon. Progress may be slow, but steady. It is also useful to construct a secondary base on the plateau north of your base to split the bombing and artillery barrages. Rebel attacks are very useful for clearing the bunkers, especially the dangerous one opposite the science lab. It is also great fun to try to tank rush general Leang, but that is gruelling and takes a lot of time.

As already stated: it is long, save often, take pauses, keep your cool.

Additional tips
  • Jarmen Kell can snipe enemy vehicles on the bridge to the east of your starting base to block further attacks by vehicles over that bridge, though enemy Tank Hunters and heroes (Black Lotus, etc...) sometimes still wriggle through. Overlords can occasionally drive over the empty vehicles (fortunately those don't get destroyed in the process) unless you clog the bridge with empty Overlords.