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General Fai's specialty is infantry, which gives him a significant advantage in the early stage of a game. His strength lies in the ability to overrun the enemy with hordes after hordes of men. However, the lack of main-battle tanks can be the downfall of General Fai.

Army modifications[edit]

  • All infantry start as Veterans.
  • Battlemaster Tank is unavailable.
  • Overlord Tank is unavailable.
  • Gattling Tank cost less to produce and have good HP than other Gattling tanks.
  • Horde Bonus is increased.
  • Nationalism upgrade is available at start.
  • Level 1 Frenzy Ability is available as a 1 Star Ability, which can be used to expose part of the map like the Radar Scan ability of the GLA Radar Van.
  • The Gatling Cannon and Propaganda Tower upgrade is unavailable to the Helix helicopter, instead, it gains the capacity of eight personnel. The Helix cannot transport armored units.

Army units[edit]

  • Mini-Gunner - Replaces the Red Guard, the Mini-Gunner wields a gatling gun, and can be proven deadly to both infantry and aircraft.
  • Assault Troop Transport - This expensive vehicle comes with 8 Mini-Gunners, who can fire from within and quickly pin down all infantry and structures. It also heals infantry within range.
  • Attack Outpost - The improved Listening Outpost, which is fortified with 4 Tank Hunters & Mini-Gunner and can hold up to 8 units. It also carries a Speaker Tower which benefits from the Subliminal Messaging Upgrade and heals units within a small radius
  • Super Hacker - In addition to improved Hacking and Disabling speed, the Superhacker can also disable enemy vehicles like Black Lotus, which can compensate the lack of Tanks in General Fai's army.
  • Super Black Lotus - A better trained master hacker, who hacks faster. Start as veteran

Army structures[edit]

  • Fortified Bunker - This Bunker is more resilient than its predecessor. It has room for a total of ten infantrymen and is automatically mined when built. These mines can be upgraded to neutron mines as soon as the structure is built.

Army upgrades[edit]

  • Patriotism - Available at the Propaganda Center, increase the effect of Horde Bonus even more.

General abilities[edit]

1 Star General Ability[edit]

  • Mini-Gunner Training - All Mini-Gunners are trained as Elite units. This replaces the Red Guard Training Power.

3 Star General Ability[edit]

  • Para Drop - Similar to the USA General Ability, this General Power Para Drops Mini-Gunners anywhere on the battlefield and is divided into 3 levels.

Build orders[edit]

20,000$ game
  • Dozer 1: Power > Primary Supply > War factory
  • Dozer 2: Secondary Supply > Primary Barracks
  • Dozer 3: Secondary Barracks > 3 Gattling Cannons
  • Don't send your dozer far away to build Power. build it on place.
  • Both Supply Centers: Truck
  • Sell command center to get 3,000$ dollar.
  • Barracks: Train 4 pair of Hackers
  • War Factory: 2 Outpost & 2 Assault Troops Crawler
  • Barracks: 2 Tank Hunters + 1 pair of Minigunner
  • Fill the outpost with your soldiers and attack the enemy from a place where he doesn't have much defence.
  • Keep building outposts and fill it with 2 Minigunner + 2 Tank Hunter and attack in groups of 3-4 outposts at a time, add 1-2 ECM tanks and add 3-5 Gattling tanks to your outposts later on (Make sure they're moving, not disabling tanks) to deflect RPG missiles. you can purchase them from war factory after building Propaganda center.
  • Use Inferno Cannon and Nuke Cannon if you want to support Infantry to the battle