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China has a significant advantage over the other two factions with its firepower. All of its units are generally cheaper than their counter-parts in the other two factions, therefore are quicker to train en masse and overwhelm the opponent with sheer number. Additionally, Red Guards, Tank Hunters and Battlemaster Tanks all receive increased firing rate (called the Horde Bonus, represented by a red star under the affected unit) when moving in a group of 5 or more. The Chinese arsenal also include a wide array of nuclear weapons and electronic warfare, which can effectively disrupt the battle field.

A major disadvantage of China, however, is that it has no fast units other than its MiGs, forcing it to win with overwhelming number and brutal force.

China Structures[edit]

All Chinese Structures can be protected by mines to prevents ground assaults. To mine a structure, click the land mine icon in its Context Window. Land mines are invisible to most enemy units and detonates when they stamps on them. Friendly units will not trigger them to detonate.

  • Command Center
The basis of China. The Command Center builds Dozers to build the other China Structures. Unlike USA, radar capability has to be upgraded to become available. Generals Abilities are deployed from here, too.
  • Nuclear Reactor
An efficient but unstable source of power, the Nuclear Reactor provides 10 units of power for the base, but trigger nuclear explosion when destroyed, therefore should be kept away from other structures. Its Overcharge mode can boost the output, but the Power Plant will keep taking damage and eventually explodes if left in this mode.
  • Barracks
All Infantry men can be trained and healed here. Red Guards can be trained to capture building via its upgrade.
  • Supply Center
China uses Supply Trucks to gather resources from the supply depot. Although has less capacity than Chinooks, Supply Trucks are much cheaper and can be built in quantities very quickly. The Supply Truck system also allows multiple trucks to gather from the depot simultaneously. This provides a net advantage due to Chinooks having to gather one at a time.
  • Bunker
A more reliable garrison, the Bunker provides room for five infantry to fire out from it, and protect them from Toxin and Flame attack, therefore infantry garrisoned inside cannot be cleared out instantly. A Bunker holding three Tank Hunters and Two Red Guards can be troublesome to deal with.
  • Gattling Cannon
This vicious machine gun can make short-work of most soft-targets and enemy aircraft. Its bullets are lethal to infantry, making it more effective in holding off infantry units than the Patriot Missile System. A problem with it, though, is that it takes time for the Gattling Cannon to exert its maximum firepower. The Chain Gun upgrade at the War Factory can increase its firing rate.
  • War Factory
China's vehicle production line. All vehicles can be produced and repaired here. Upgrade includes Chain Gun Upgrade and Black Napalm Upgrade.
  • Air Field
The Air Field holds, arms, repairs and builds up to 4 MiG fighters. MiG Armor upgrade is developed here.
  • Propaganda Center
The source of China's Technology, the Propaganda Center allows players to build advanced China structures and units. Upgrades include Nationalism and Subliminal Messaging.
  • Speaker Tower
Broadcast inspiring message to the Red Army, troops and vehicles within range will automatically heal themselves. The effect can be increase by the Subliminal Messaging Upgrade. It also provides bonuses to firing rate.
  • Nuclear Missile
The Doomsday Superweapon. The Nuclear Missile can destroy multiple structures and leave behind a large amount of nuclear radiation to kill anything which survived it. It takes 10 units of power and 6 minutes to arm. Although destructive, the Nuclear Missile has trouble destroying GLA structures, as they leave behind a GLA Hole after being hit and are then rebuilt. The nuclear radiation can stall the rebuliding process because it kills any workers who try to rebuild it. Provides Uranium Shells and Nuclear Tanks Upgrades to Battlemaster and Overload tanks.

China Units[edit]


Red Guards, Tank Hunters and Battlemaster Tanks receive the Horde Bonus, which increases their firing rate, when in a group of 5 or more. Affected units have red stars beneath them. This applies to garrisoned units as well. The effect can be increased by the Nationalism upgrade (purchased at the Propaganda Center).

  • Red Guard - The Chinese rifle infantry are trained two at a time from the Barracks. During the early game, they can capture buildings, with the Capture Building Upgrade. They can be mass-produced easily with the building of China's Troop Crawler. A Generals' Point can be expended to ensure that all Red Guard are introduced at veteran level.
  • Tank Hunter - China's rocket soldier is the basis of many Chinese combinations, including the basic anti-MDvee (Missile Defender in Humvee) combination. Tank Hunters can also attach TNT to adjacent enemy vehicles, which will explode, likely destroying the vehicle, after 10 seconds if not removed by a dozer or worker.
  • Hacker - The expensive hacker serves two functions. It can provide a small but constant output of free cash or it can disable enemy structures with a powerful virus, with the exception of defensive structures. Disabled structures cannot be sold, commandeered or function.
  • Black Lotus - The Chinese hero (heroine) unit can capture structures (with the exception of defensive structures) very quickly from a safe distance, steal cash from an enemy Supply Center or Supply Stash, and temporarily disable enemy vehicles to give her side an edge. Finally, she can detect stealthed units, unlike the other heroes. Black Lotus cannot directly harm any enemy units, so she has no protection aside from her stealth ability.


  • Construction Dozer - Expensive and fragile, the dozer is necessary in the building of structures anywhere on the map. It can also clear mines and disable demo traps.
  • Supply Truck - China's primary resource gatherer. Like the Dozer, it is unarmed and fragile. Although has less capacity than the Chinook, its cheap cost enables it to be quickly built in quantity.
  • Battlemaster Tank - This heavily armored and slow-moving unit, vulnerable only to rocket infantry and air units, is most effective in large groups, in which it receives a Horde bonus which improves its rate of fire like China's infantry. Its weapon and speed can be improved buy the Uranium Shells and Nuclear Tanks upgrades, respectively, from the Nuclear Missile Silo. It is mainly used to neutralize enemy vehicles.
  • Gattling Tank - Very effective against aircraft and infantry. Like the Gattling Cannon, its gun takes time to exert full power, this can also be improved by the Chain Gun Upgrade. This light and fast vehicle is ideal for reconnaissance and base defence. It cannot kill individual Stinger Soldiers.
  • Troop Crawler - China's weaponless troop transport unit, comes with 8 Red Guards when built. Although expensive and fragile, the vehicle is equipped with stealth detection, which allows it to reveal stealth units within a wide radius. Troop Crawler is ideal for quickly capturing key structures with its loaded troops.
  • Dragon Tank - This unit, immune to fire and resistant to rockets, carries a large napalm cannon which can cook an individual unit or structure, killing the infantry inside of civilian buildings, or it can scorch the earth in the entire area in front of it, annihilating anything that can't outrange or outrun the burning land. The Black Napalm upgrade makes the flames even more dangerous.
  • Inferno Cannon - The thin-skinned cannon does little damage to enemy units or structures. Its strength lies in its long-ranged cannon and the ability to create a firestorm when continuously firing at the same spot. The Black Napalm Upgrade can increase its fire power.
  • Nuke Cannon - Although lack in armour and speed, the Nuke Cannon can fire its nuclear charges at targets from considerable distances, causing tremendous damage and leave behind deadly radiations. The Nuke Cannon's destructive firepower makes it a useful weapon against slow units, such as the Overlord Tank, and enemies in large group.
  • Overlord Tank - The large and slow tank is a brutal force on battlefield. Its twin guns can easily destroy any enemy vehicles within a few rounds. Aside from its fire power, the Overlord can literally crush enemy vehicles (with the exception of another Overlord Tank) that stands in its way. It can also be upgraded with a single Bunker, a Gattling Cannon or a Propaganda Tower, making it even more formidable with its troop transporting/anti-air/healing ability. The Uranium Shells and Nuclear Tank ability can be upgraded for the Overlord Tank.

Air Force[edit]

  • MiG - The MiG, the only aircraft available to China, plays roles as a fighter, an attack bomber, or a defensive bomber. The napalm missiles equipped by these fighters are highly effective against ground units and enemy aircraft - especially Raptors. When napalm missiles struck the enemy, it burns and the enemy continues to take damage from the flame. When four or more MiGs fire at the same spot, they create a firestrom, which burns any enemy units within range.

Like all planes, MiGs need to refuel and restock at an airfield after dropping their payload. If one has struck and is denied an airfield, its fuel supply will eventually be depleted and they will fall from the sky.

China Generals Abilities[edit]

See also: Generals Abilities

1 Star Generals Abilities[edit]

  • Red Guard Training - After selecting this ability, all Red Guard are trained as Veterans.
  • Nuke Cannon - Enable the Nuke Cannon to be built at the War Factory. Propaganda Center is also required.
  • Artillery Training - Inferno Cannon and Nuke Cannon are built as Veterans.

3 Star Generals Abilities[edit]

  • Cluster Mines - Ability to drop Cluster Mines at the targeted area via a plane. When detonated, landmines are spread around the area.
  • Artillery Barrage - Call in an Artillery Barrage from the Command Center to fire shells at targeted area. Artillery Barrage are fired from outside of the map, therefore are unstoppable by the enemy. There are three ranks of Artillery Barrage, a higher rank fires more shells. It is highly effective against enemy installations and large groups.
  • Cash Hack - Ability to hack money out of enemy Supply Centers or Supply Stash, providing there is one visible to you on the map.
  • Emergency Repair - The ability to repair friendly vehicles within a small area. There are 3 levels of Emergency Repair.

5 Star Generals Abilities[edit]

  • EMP Pulse - The ability to call in an EMP strike, dropped by a transport plane. The EMP Pulse disables all vehicles and structures within the blast radius for a period of time. Aircraft will crash immediately if caught by the blast. Note that friendly units and structures can also be affected.

China Upgrades[edit]

  • Capture Building - Available at the Barracks, enable Red Guards to capture enemy and tech structures.
  • Uranium Shells - Purchased at the Nuclear Missile Structure, increases the firepower of Battlemaster and Overlord Tanks by 25%. After upgrading, the shells fired by the tanks leave behind a small amount of nuclear radiation, making them more effective against infantries.
  • Nuclear Tanks - Purchased at the Nuclear Missile Structure, increases the speed of Battlemaster and Overlord Tanks by 25%. Upgraded tanks trigger nuclear explosion when destroyed, harming all units around them.
  • Black Napalm - Available at the War Factory, increases the firepower of all flame units by 25%. Units fire Blue Flames after upgrading.
  • Chain Gun - Purchased at the War Factory, increases the damage of Gattling Tanks and Gattling Cannons by 25%.
  • MiG Armor - Available at the Air Field, making MiG Fighters more resilient to anti-air fire by increase their protection by 25%.
  • Nationalism - Developed at the Propaganda Center, increase the effect of the Horde Bonus. (See the note at China Units.)
  • Mines - Available for all China Structures (includes Bunkers and Gattling Cannons), land mines surround the structure when upgraded, which are invisible to most enemy units, and detonates when stamped on by the enemy. Does not harm friendly units.
  • Radar - Used and developed by the Command Center, activate the radar map for China. Recommend to purchase immediately after the game starts.
  • Subliminal Messaging - Available at the Propaganda Center, increases the healing effect of Speaker Towers by 25%.

Build Order[edit]

  1. Begin with building your base and some gattling guns (in pairs of two) around the base for extra protection in higher levels (especially Nuclear Winter).
  2. Build at least two more supply trucks (three in total).
  3. Build a propaganda center.
  4. From the barracks train one or 2-3 dozens of hackers, depending on the developing events. Put them in a secluded, protected place and let them hack the internet for money. If you have enough of them, soon money will be no problem, you won't need any supply trucks or captured refineries (you can purchase also from the barracks the building capture option for infantry so that later in the game you can capture important buildings).
  5. Start building a strong army of Gattling cannons and Battlemasters. If available, build at least two Overlords and arm one with a gattling cannon and the other with a speaker tower.
  6. Build troop crawlers and then some rocket soldiers. Take four of the eight soldiers that come with the troop crawler and put four rocket soldiers in them. House the extra soldiers and/or rocket soldiers in bunkers around your base.
  7. Now if available, build long range weapons like Inferno cannons and Nuke Cannons for any assault.
  8. Build a Nuclear Missile silo if available and purchase the two upgrades, Nuclear shells and Nuclear Tank.
  9. Begin the domination of the enemy!
  10. Build a lot of Overlord Tanks!