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The Allied air assault is unrelenting.

The following strategy will work on all difficulty settings.

This level can be very difficult. Speed of setting up base at the beginning is critical. Here is a step-to-step guide to beat it.

First of all, don't lose hope if you feel overwhelmed. The Allied air and land assault will diminish eventually when they run out of supplies. You just have to wait it out.

  • Save game as soon as command console pops up so you can get a jump on building if you have to reload.
  • Immediately create eight workers.
  • Important: Build both barracks and weapons factory north of command center. You have to really squeeze to get them in there. Of course build them to the east vs. the west so you can put stinger sites in front of them.
  • While the Barracks is building (and Arms Dealer) choose your 3 General Powers. It is suggested that Scud Launcher is selected for easier destruction of the American base later in the mission.
  • While barracks is building, put your workers to work immediately.
  • As soon as barracks is built, build two stinger sites NORTH of supply stash. For some reason, this works better than building slightly to the west of the supply stash, since the abutment is isolated and the Stinger is more easily attacked.
  • Build tunnel network to south of base.
  • Build five RPG troopers and send them to the southern Tunnel Network. Pull back your "free" quad cannon that came at the beginning of the mission back to the Tunnel Network area to keep it safe.
  • Start building four Quad Cannons to defend your western flank from air attacks. This has a higher priority than land attacks to the south.
  • Make sure all workers are kept working after their building jobs.
  • By this time, hopefully your air defense survives first aerial assault and your southern defenses held from the first ground assault.
  • Don't forget to repair stinger sites and all damaged buildings.
  • Build five more RPG troopers but scatter them on your western flank as opposed to the Tunnel Network area.
  • Queue up four Marauders, setting the Rally Point at the Tunnel Networks.
  • Create a few more workers.
  • Build a second Tunnel Network to the south parallel to the first one.
  • Try to build up to six Quad Cannons on the western flank, replacing any that are lost.
  • Build a Tunnel Network in the very middle of your base so that your troops can be bunkered during air-fuel blasts and cluster bomb attacks. These events will be announced and you will be able to garrison your troops.
  • Calmly rebuild back to previous levels after air and ground assaults.
  • Continue to keep the status quo, maintaining troop levels and repaired buildings, particularly your Supply Stash. You should be able to do this fairly well with this strategy.
  • When you have the time, have a worker plant Demo Charges south of your base to soften up attacking land forces.
  • When you see the Allied helicopters appear to pick up supplies at the depot at the bottom of the hill, that is great news!! They are running out of supplies and pretty soon you can go into mop-up mode. Your quad cannons should be able to shoot them out of the sky. You will still experience a few more assaults, but you can handle it.
  • Things finally calm down. Build some extra Quad Cannons and Marauders and head toward the USA base. Whether you take the northern or southern route, there will be an oil derrick to capture for added resources. Research the Capture command at the Barracks and use the Ambush command near the oil derrick in order to capture it.

From here, you can beat the mission without too much stress, but here are a few pointers.

  • Build a Palace so that Scud Launchers can take out the Patriots at the USA base. Build a Technical and place a worker inside of it to zip it to the front lines near the USA base. Build a Tunnel Network near the USA base for rapid transport of the Scud Launchers and other armored vehicles.
  • Have five to seven Quad Cannons available as you approach the USA base, as you will encounter a helicopter assault or two.
  • A combination of Quad Cannons, Marauders and Scud Launchers will mop up their base easily.

Mission accomplished!!

Alternate Strategy[edit]

Tested on Hard difficulty

  • Build up your base and defenses per normal. Research rebel capture.
  • Once the US's strategy center pops up, send an ambush team west of it to capture it, or leave it so you can retry after a failure.
  • From that location you should be able to see the war factory and the units it is producing. Wait for the units to leave (and attack your base), then capture it.
  • Capture the rest of the base. Bonus if you capture the air field while there are planes in it.