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Cactuar Hunting begins during Chapter 3. Visit Bikanel Desert and escort Benzo to the Cactuar Nation. Talk with Marnella, a large cacti, and let her know her story makes perfect sense to begin this mini game.

You must search for 10 young cactuars who serve as gatekeepers to a cave that holds the Great Haboob. The Great Haboob is needed to fend of a huge menace that will soon be wreaking havoc in the desert. These cactuars have ventured off into the world to learn more about it and are scattered around so your help is needed.

While at the Cactuar Nation, find and speak to the cacti that is marked with a green square on the mini map. The green square is the current Cactuar Mother that is worried about. She will give you a clue as to where to look for a cactuar. After receiving the clue, begin your search. Board the airship and travel to the location of the cactuar. Once you catch the wondering cactuar, a shooting mini game will begin. You must now shoot at the cactuar while the display rapidly changes between the cactuar and a set of fiends until its HP reaches 0.

Each cactuar has a speed rating. They higher it is, the faster the screen shifts between it and the set fiends that accompany the cacutar. You will also have a set amount of ammo, so try not to miss too many times. Press Cross button to shoot. Once you have successfully shot a cactuar, it may attack you. You can dodge by pressing R1 button at the right time. If it does hit you, you will lose some ammo and points.

This mini game is super easy because even if you loose, you will still persuade the cactuar to return with you to the Bikanel Desert. After capturing a cacutar, travel to the desert and speak with the cactuars' mother to continue on with the quest and awaken the next Cactuar Mother.

Winning against the final Cactuar, Frailea, will award you with the Covenant of Growth Garment Grid

Cacutar Name Location Chapter Available
Lobivia In the Oasis section of Bikanel Desert. Chapter 3
Tourneya Sunbathing on the beach on Besaid Island Chapter 3
Lobeira Inside the Treasure Room in Leblac's chateau at Guadosalam. Chapter 3
Areq & Arroja Hanging around the foot of Mt. Gagazet in the Calm Lands. Chapter 3
Islaya Northern area of the Thunder Plains. Chapter 3
Chiapa Hidden area of Kilika Woods. Chapter 5
Erio On the snowy Mountain Trail of Mt. Gagazet Chapter 5
Bartschella In Dona's home on Kilika Island Chapter 5
Frailea Inside the Cactuar Hollow Chapter 5