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Area Rewards
 · Echo Screen x4  · Potion x3  · Pearl Necklace  · Silence Grenade x2  · Ether x2  · Phoenix Down x2  · Samurai's Honor Garment Grid
Area Enemies
  • Armet -
  • Bicocette -
  • Bolt Drake -
  • Chocobo -
  • Gold Elemental -
  • Lesser Drake -
  • Ochu -
  • Red Elemental -
  • Stalwart -

Traveling through the Thunder Plains when entering from Guadosalam you can collect many items. In the first section you will find chests with Echo Screen x4(behind the first Cactuar Stone), Potion x3(to the northwest of Tower No.3) and a Pearl Necklace(near the exit to Travel Agency). In the second section before Macalaina Woods you will find chests with Silence Grenade x2(to the west of Tower No.6), Ether x2(close to the east edge between Tower No.7 and No.8), and Phoenix Down x2(to the southeast of Tower No.9).

During Chapter 1 if you told Cid you weren't happy with the changes he has been making to Zanarkand, you will find him sulking around the first area of the Thunder Plains. He is marked on the mini-map by a red X. Find him and talk to him for some completion points. Then head to the Save Sphere in the first section and find the man near the first tower. Talk to this Al Bhed man to offer to calibrate the towers. He will then head to the Travel Agency, leaving the Gullwings to their work.

There are 10 Lightning Rod Towers scattered throughout the Thunder Plains, 5 in each section of the plains. Approach each one to begin a small mini game by pressing Cross button. Completing each mini-game will "calibrate" that tower. After you have calibrated each one at least once, head to the Travel Agency in the middle of the Thunder Plains and enter. Speak to the Al Bhed technician to receive the Samurai's Honor Garment Grid.

Lightning Tower Calibration[edit]

Calibrating the Lightning Towers is covered in more detail on Lightning Rod Towers. Here you will find a brief introduction.

  • There are three types of mini games you can find when calibrating the towers.
  • The towers difficulty level increases the longer you play.
  • The towers closer to Guadosalam are the easiest, while the ones closer to Macalania Woods are the hardest.