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Area Rewards
 · Chocobo Wing  · Hi-Potion  · 1000 Gil  · Potion x2  · White Mage Dressphere  · Besaid Sphere  · Protection Halo Garment Grid  · Ether  · Raging Giant Garment Grid
Area Enemies
  • Chocobo -
  • Coeurl -
  • Coyote -
  • Flan Azul -
  • Iron Giant -
  • Purpurea -
  • Sahagin -
  • Sallet -

Enter the Village of Besaid and catch up with Yuna's Guardians, Wakka and Lulu. They are now a couple! When offered, rest in their hut. When you wake up, you will find that Wakka is gone. Speak to Lulu to accept the "Where's Wakka?" mission. Then ask around the village to find clues about Wakka's whereabouts and learn about a mysterious cave. Turns out you will need to find several sets of numbers and Ciphers to penetrate then navigate completely into the cave.

Besaid Island Shop
Item Cost
Potion 50
Phoenix Down 100
Antidote 50
Eye Drops 50
Echo Screen 50
Soft 50
Holy Water 300
Watery Gleam 3000
Blue Ring 3000

First Four Ciphers[edit]

Talking to set of the villagers listed below will automatically put the ciphers in the correct order. You can skip talking to them, but then you will have to keep track of the order of the ciphers for yourself.

  • The woman in a blue dress near the entrance to the town can give you the best information on where to find the cave.
  • Talking man in shorts wondering around the town allows you to learn about the Ciphers.
  • Jassu can be found in the Crusaders Lodge. Talk to him to find the location of one of the Ciphers.
  • The woman walking her dog has the best information on the location of the second and third Ciphers.
  • Datto, also in the Crusaders Lodge, can tell you where to find the forth Cipher

After talking to the villagers, exit the town and head up the hill to the second area. If you have any trouble finding the ciphers they show up on your mini-map as red squares. Head toward the shrine for the first of the Cipher numbers. These numbers are randomly generated, so make note of them. Continue to the ruins in the next area. Climb on top of the broken column to the right to find the fourth Cipher. Climb back down and continue on down the path. Brother contacts the party. Such a worrywart! Move on toward the waterfalls. As you reach the bridge, have Yuna move to the leftmost of the path so she will drop down below the bridge. Once below, open the chest for Chocobo Wing x2. Jump back up and cross the bridges. Continue on to the next area. Here you will find the door to the cave. Unfortunately though, you do not have all the Ciphers yet so it cannot be opened just yet. Move on forward and take the lower path to the beach.

On the next screen on the beach, take a few steps back toward where you just came from to find a kid on a ledge. This ledge can be climbed. Press Circle button next to it to head on up. Look around the ruins here for the next Cipher. This would be the third Cipher of the series. Then move to the right to drop down to an hidden alcove for two chest containing Hi-Potion and 1000 Gil (This cove should be very familiar if you've played Final Fantasy X). Jump back up on the ledge and head back toward the kid. Drop off the ledge, this time heading toward the main beach. Follow the shoreline East past the pier and head to the left most area to a set of grassy rocks. Climb up to find another Cipher. This is the second number in the code. Jump back down and head to the cave entrance found on the previous screen.

Secret Cave[edit]

Input the code at the door of the cave and it will open. Enter the cave to find Wakka. Talk to him. He knows there is something important here. Yuna offers to help. After speaking to him head forward to the dead end to discover it is a yet another door that needs more ciphers. These won't be available until a little later, after paying a large sum of Gil, so don't worry about it for now. Now head away from the door to the intersection in the cave. Brother will check up on Yuna yet again. At the intersection, take the left path to find a chest with Potion x2. Return to the intersection and take the right path to a set of rock platforms. Jump up and across these rocks to the Save Sphere. Save if you wish then proceed forward to the chamber at the end of the cave. Examine the pedestal.

The party is then attacked by a Flame Dragon.

Flame Dragon[edit]

The Flame Dragon is weak against Ice. Equip a Warrior to attack with Ice Brand and a Black Mage to cast Blizzard. A Songstresses Darkness Dance isn't too useful here so have your third character begin as a Thief to Steal and Pilfer Gil. Then use that character for items or switch them to an Warrior or Black Mage. The Flame Dragon mostly attacks, but can breath Fire which damages the whole party for 100-175 HP each. Heal after it does this attack. Otherwise, chain attacks until you defeat it. If you have the Heart of Flame garment grid, then equipping it will make the breath attack heal you due to the GG's Fire Eater auto-ability.

Flame Dragon
HP: 980 MP: 84
EXP: 60 AP: 1
Gil Dropped: 300 Pilfer Gil: 800
Steal: Normal - Hi-Potion; Rare - Hi-Potion x2
Drop: Normal - Red Ring; Rare - Red Ring

Second Set of Ciphers[edit]

The second set of Ciphers are used to open that large wall in the cave. You will need the Search Sphere in order to find the needed set of ciphers.

You can buy the a Key from the Shop Keeper in the first tent when entering the village that will allow you to acquire the Search Sphere. It is listed as a mysterious "Rare Item" for 900,000 Gil. It is impossible that you will have that much Gil upon your first visit to Besaid Island. If you don't have that much Gil, wait to talk to the Shop Keeper before asking about the key. Talking to her before you are ready to purchase will increase the chance by 25% that it will be sold to a traveler. Also avoid talking to a man sitting cross-legged in the southern chamber of the temple. Doing so will increase that chance by 50%. But if you don't want to purchase the key, it is best to wait until Chapter 3 to embark on this quest because that is when you will have another opportunity to get it for free from someone.

An alternative method is, provided you have 900,000 Gil, save the game first, buy the key, get all the ciphers, write them down, then load the save. The ciphers won't change, so you can get the treasures early and save 900,000 Gil, though you need to have that amount at first.

After obtaining the key from the shop keeper, head to the temple and then to the room to the right. Here is the chest containing the "Search Sphere" this item opens. The man in the left chamber of the temple will explain how to use this sphere.

While traveling around Besaid you will now have a meter at the bottom right of the screen. When you press Circle button, a red bar will move up and down depending on your location. The closer you are to the location of a buried camera that will show the cipher, the higher the red bar will be. When you have found a spot where the red bar is full, press Cross button to dig up the small camera in that spot. Press Cross button again to gain control of the camera and look around and search for the cipher - a blue orb with a number. The numbers are randomly generated. Use R1 button to zoom in and out if you have a hard time reading the orb.

The first buried camera sphere can be found in the village, under the side of the house that has been knocked over. Aim the camera toward the temple and zoom in on the top of the building. The number located here is the first of four needed to open the secret corridor.

The second buried camera is near the Save Sphere just outside Besaid Village. Search around where the Besaid Aurochs are standing. Aim the camera near the middle top of the ridge and zoom in.

The third buried camera is found in the waterfall area. It is located on the right side of the path before the bridges. Aim the camera on a ledge found below the second waterfall.

The fourth buried camera is found past the cave entrance in the pond area (the dead end that overlooks a small body of water). Aim the camera across the water to the left and zoom up toward the top of a lone tree on the hill.

Now that you have found all the ciphers, enter the cave and to the wall panel on the right. Input the code and the wall will rise. Proceed down this now revealed path to find a chest with some Ethers (amount depends on the current Chapter). Continue to the end of this twisty path to open another chest for the Raging Giant Garment Grid.