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Area Rewards
 · Al Bhed Primer  · Phoenix Down x5 · Ether x2  · Remedy x4  · Potion x8  · Leblanc's Sphere

Shira will play the contents of the sphere stolen from Kilika (Speak to him to play them again if you'd like). Yuna now has a tough decision to make and the group wants to lighten the mood. Time for a private concert. Take the elevator down to the Engine Room to collect four chests. These contain Potion x8, Phoenix Down x5, Remedy x4, and Ether x2. Head back to the elevator and ride up to the Cabin. You will find three musicians playing in the hallway. Speak to Daraya, the third musician. He agrees to help Yuna set up a concert. After the conversation, push all three of them onto the elevator (what a lazy bunch!). Carefully position Yuna behind each one and move forward. She will shove them by collision. The fat musician is the easiest. The other two like to move sideways so you will have to re-position yourself behind them quite a few times. If Tobli is there, push him into the elevator as well. Doing so will award you with a bonus accessory. Upon completing this task, the girls will delight the crew with a concert on the ship deck.

After the concert, Yuna head back to the cabin to sleep. Not an uneventful sleep however. She dreams of being chased and some unfortunate event that shakes her up. Rikku and Paine wake her up before she gets to far into the dream. After she recovers from the sleepless rest, follow Rikku and Paine to the Bridge.

Don't forget to sleep in the Cabin at some point during this chapter! The rest Yuna has during the story doesn't count.

On the Bridge you must now decide if you are going to give the sphere you just stole from Kilika to either the Youth League or New Yevon. This choice affects the story, allowing you into certain areas or blocking you from others. It also changes the conversations and moods some non player characters will have with you. It will also determine if you can obtain 100% completion in the game. Choosing the Youth League, the highest percentage you can get is 100%, siding with New Yevon will only allow you to achieve 99%.

  • If you give the sphere to the Youth League, the Gullwings will fly to Mushroom Rock Road. Receiving a grand reception from Lucil, Elma, and Nooj upon arrival. Youth League members throughout Spira will respect and thank you. However, those with New Yevon will look down at you and not allow you to enter Bevelle. Forcing you to fight if you try.
  • If you choose New Yevon, the Gullwings will take the sphere to Praetor Baralai in Bevelle. Youth League members will look down upon the group and entering Mushroom Rock Road will force the girls to fight.

Which ever side you choose, after handing over the sphere, the party will be called back to the Celsius. They have been robbed! Leblanc and her gang again up to no good. She, Logos, and Ormi have stolen the broken sphere half that was originally found at Zanarkand and have left behind Leblanc's Sphere. This has set in motion the Gullwings next steps. Find Leblanc Syndicate members, beat them up, and steal their uniforms. These can be found:

You can go directly to the locations for the uniforms, and then move on in the story to Guadosalam, or you travel to Besaid Island and follow all our guides for a better completion percentage.