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Area Rewards
 · Ether  · Mana Tablet  · Antidote x2  · Eye Drops x2  · Phoenix Down  · 1500 Gil  · Lunar Curtain  · Star Curtain  · Light Curtain  · Holy Water x2  · Megalixir  · Hi-Potion  · Ether  · Turbo Ether  · Menace of the Deep Garment Grid
Area Enemies
  • Death Dauber -
  • League Defender -
  • League Fighter -
  • Protochimera -
  • Red Elemental -
  • Stalwart -
  • Yevon Guard -

Kilika has been completely rebuilt since is almost complete destruction from the attack by Sin in Final Fantasy X. It is now an almost confusing mass of connecting docks and bridges. To best explain the layout, the village of Kilika is now divided into two long docks that connect at the very end. It also has a bridge in each area that connects the sides. You will start in the first section at the Save Sphere. From this point at the dock you will notice two boats to the north west. Jump using Circle button to each of these boats to open chests containing Ether, and a Mana Tablet. Jump back to the dock next to the Save Sphere. Walk to the right to the corner of the dock. You will notice a dock across the canal that seems inaccessible. Getting to that dock is the next goal. Head to the north about 1/2 the way down this area. You can purchase items at the shop hidden here or turn to the left up a set of stairs. This is the first bridge that connects the two long docks. Head up and around on the bridge across to the other side. Opening a chest containing a Antidote x2 along the way. There are two exits from this bridge. Ignore the first and continue along it to open a chest with Eye Drops x2. Head to the end and down the stairs. This will take you to another chest with a Phoenix Down. Now follow the dock until you find a woman in blue and some children playing with a Squatter Monkey. Talk to the woman a few times until she asks you to search the forest to find more Squatter Monkeys. This will start a side mission that will reward you with the Chaos Maelstrom Garment Grid for finding all 13 monkeys. These monkeys are found in the first section of the Kilika Forest, so don't worry about searching just yet. Head back across the bridge and past the Merchant to head on to the next section of the village. A short scene will play before you arrive in the second area.

Kilika Port Merchant
Item Cost
Potion 50
Phoenix Down 100
Antidote 50
Eye Drops 50
Echo Screen 50
Soft 50
Holy Water 300
Twist Headband 300
White Cape 3000
Silver Glasses 3000
Star Pendant 4000

The second section is separated by a canal just like the first. It however connects at the end where it leads to the Kilika Woods. For now however time to collect treasures and meet up with an old friend. Head up the first set of stairs and move left up a ramp toward the end hut. A man (easily recognized as Barthello for those who played Final Fantasy X) will run out, screaming. Head into the hut to find Lady Dona. Speak to her to learn a little about what you just witnessed and then move on up the stairs in her house to the upper level. There will be a chest here containing 1500 Gil. Head back out of the hut and past the bridge. Open the chest here for a Light Curtain and then cross the bridge. Walk all the way to the right of the dock for another chest, this one containing a Lunar Curtain. Here on the deck of a large boat you will also find a man with a sphere recorder. He is observing and recording the progress for the construction of the new Youth League base. Speak to him and agree to take a look at the base. Make note of this man and make sure to talk to him in every chapter that you can visit Kilika. This will unlock a hidden item in Chapter 5.

When you have finished observing the base, walk down the dock to a short set of steps on the right side. Up these steps is a chest with Star Curtain. Next to them is a chest with Holy Water x2. After collecting them head north up to the top of the town. Talk to the men guarding the area and they will open the gate for you. Head through the gate to start the scene in which Meyvan Nooj is introduced. After his speech, the party will be just outside the Kilika Forest. Follow Nooj into the trees.

Kilika Forest[edit]

This next area is going to be a little frustrating. The Youth League has decided to start an uprising to try to overtake New Yevon at the temple. In doing so, they have blocked off several of the forest paths and made direct navigation through impossible. This wouldn't be so bad since there are not many chests in this area, however all the hidden Squatter Monkeys are found here. The next steps will explain how to find all the monkeys and navigate through this now maze.

Move forward down the center path and you will find, after a scene, this path is blocked. Backtrack to the Save Sphere near the wood's entrance. Search near here pressing Cross button for the first monkey. Once the confirmation message that you have found a monkey pops up, take the right path about a quarter to half of the way down and search again. The second monkey is located here. Once found, head back to the intersection and take the top path, the third monkey is located directly on the left near a stone. Then, take the left path of the intersection this time. Search on the top/left side near the corner for the fourth monkey. A short scene showing people running through the trees will play if you go too far. Once the fourth monkey is found, head down the tree path. There are two monkeys along this path before the next intersection. Find them and then turn to the right and cross the bridge to find another path with two more monkeys. When they are found, turn back to the intersection. Take the top path and around a curve stop before the main path and search for the 9th monkey. After locating him, walk onto the main path and search the corner before the right path for the 10th monkey. Then take the top path searching it for the 11th until you hit the dead end. You will also hear some voices. Listen to what they say! This will give you the password to allow you to continue to the temple. Listening a few times will inform you that If the number of guards is odd, the password is "Carved Monkey". If the number is even, the password is "Craven Monkey". Once the 11th monkey is located and the rules for the password understood, turn back to the main path and onto the right path. Follow it to the end. Here again at a corner is the location of yet another monkey. Find him and then take the lower path and stop before the curve. Search here for the last monkey. Finally all 13 found! In this same area look for two greenish trees to the right side. The Circle button will appear when you are in-between them. Press the button when prompted to jump up to a secret ledge. This will lead you to a chest containing a Megalixir. Jump back down and turn to the north. Head toward the Save Sphere (best to save at this point just in case you make a mistake at the following guard checkpoints) and walk to the set of stairs. Time to give the password.

Approach the guards blocking the steps. They will ask you for the password. Count the guards and give the correct password (Remember, Odd = Carved Monkey and Even = Craven Monkey). A prize will be awarded if the password is correct, if not you will be forced into battle. Continue up the steps, answering the guards with the correct passwords (watch out on the last set, they will try to trick you by changing the number of guards and asking for the same password) until you reach the top. Answering correctly at all checkpoints will award you with the Menace of the Deep Garment Grid. Below is a chart with the correct answers if you don't want to bother counting or eavesdropping.

Group Guard Number Password Reward for Correct Answers
1 4 Craven Monkey None
2 3 Carved Monkey Hi-Potion
3 4 Craven Monkey Ether
4 3 Carved Monkey Turbo Ether
4 5 Carved Monkey Menace of the Deep Garment Grid

At the top of the steps, the party will be confronted by a group who support New Yevon. They aren't very happy with the fact that the Youth League is trying to invade the temple so they send out a large reinforcement. Not caring that the Gullwings have no part in the assault, the huge defender attacks you!


HP: 1935 MP: 0
EXP: 350 AP: 1
Gil Dropped: 1000 Pilfer Gil: 1400
Steal: Normal - Mythril Gloves; Rare - Mythril Gloves
Drop: Normal - Wristband; Rare - Wristband

A Gun Mage's Mech Destroyer ability can be useful in the battle against YSLS-Zero. It is also weak against a Songstress's Darkness Dance. If you haven't leveled your Gun Mage so that Mech Destroyer is a known ability, the best option is to use a Black Mage's strongest spells. A Warrior with Armor Break and Power Break will also do well in this battle. Equip one girl as a Thief to Steal and Pilfer Gil at the beginning of the battle and then switch her to a White Mage. Have her ready to cast healing spells if anyone in the party goes below 100 HP. The YSLS-Zero has high defense so he may take a while to defeat but typically isn't difficult.

Upon victory, Chapter 1 will be completed. You will have several scenes to watch and then will find yourself back aboard the Airship Celsius.