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The Gunner dressphere allows the wearer to use guns to attack. This makes them effective against flying or airborne enemies. A main skill of this sphere is Trigger Happy. This ability quickly chain attacks an enemy by rapidly pressing R1 button. This sphere is focused on physical attacks. Quickly earning Strength, Accuracy, and frequency of critical hits.

  • Obtained by - Yuna's default Dressphere. Received when Yuna joins your party.


Attribute Increase Attribute Increase
HP 2 MP 1
Strength 2 Magic 1
Defense 2 Magic Def. 2
Agility 3 Accuracy 5
Evasion 2 Luck 4


  • Attack
  • Trigger Happy
  • Gunplay
  • Item


Name AP MP Description Requirements
Attack 0 0 Attack one enemy. None
Trigger Happy 0 0 Press R1 button repeatedly during allotted time for multiple hits None
Potshot 20 8 Damage one enemy None
Cheap Shot 30 8 Damage one enemy regardless of its Defense Potshot
Enchanted Ammo 30 8 Inflict magical damage on one enemy None
Target MP 30 8 Inflict damage on one enemy's MP Enchanted Ammo
Quarter Pounder 40 8 Reduce one enemy's HP by one-forth Target MP
On the Level 40 12 Damage one enemy according to the user's EXP level Target MP
Burst Shot 60 12 Critically damage one enemy None
Tableturner 60 8 Deal greater damage to enemies with high defense Potshot
Scattershot 80 8 Damage all enemies Burst Shot
Scatterburst 120 36 Critically damage all enemies Scatter Shot
Darkproof 30 0 Guards against Darkness None
Sleepproof 30 0 Guards against Sleep Darkproof
Trigger Happy Lv.2 80 0 Extends the allotted time for Trigger Happy None
Trigger Happy Lv.3 150 0 Extends the allotted time for Trigger Happy Trigger Happy Lv.2