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Area Rewards
 · Phoenix Down x2  · 500 Gil  · Circlet  · Antidote x2  · Holy Water x2  · Potion x2  · Iron Bangle  · Eye Drops  · Potion  · Phoenix Down x2  · Budget Grenade x2  · Mana Spring  · Echo Screen  · Soft
Area Enemies
  • Bully Cap - Mushroom
  • Divebeak - Bird
  • Flan Palido - Flan
  • Fly Eye - Evil Eye
  • Iron Giant -
  • Quadricorn -
  • Purpurea -
  • Shantak -
  • Wild Wolf - Lupine

Visit Mi'ihen Highroad for some story completion points. It's a good idea to travel completely down this road in each Chapter and to speak to the NPC's if you are going to take part in the Mi'ihen Highroad Mystery mini game later in the story. More information about this mini game can be found on the Mi'ihen Mystery page. This area is also a good area to level up some. The Highroad is pretty straightforward. There are several sections that make up a long road before a Travel agency where you can buy items. The next areas loop around the Travel Agency leading to the Mushroom Rock Road and Oldroad. Travel each section for chests. The first area take the side section to the right near the entrance for a Phoenix Down x2. Double back and head north toward a ruined building. Look inside the ruins for 500 Gil. Continue on to the next side area in this section right before the next screen for a Circlet and then head to the next area. This is just a straight section with one chest containing Antidote x2. In the next area you will find Holy Water x2 in the first side area to the left. About midway down the road there is a Potion x2 to the right and an Iron Bangle to the left. Continue on to the Travel Agency. Across from the agency there is a chest containing Eye Drops. You can buy basic supplies and some accessories inside the agency.

Highroad Travel Agency Shop
Item Cost
Potion 50
Phoenix Down 100
Antidote 50
Eye Drops 50
Echo Screen 50
Soft 50
Holy Water 300
Iron Bangle 500
Silver Bracer 500
Gauntlets 2500
Tiara 2500

Head north past the agency to the next section of long road. Toward the end of this road there is a chest with a Potion. Continue on to the next section. In the first curve of this section you will find Phoenix Down x2. The next area splits off. The path to the north leads to Mushroom Rock Road. The southern, right path leads to the Oldroad. Pick up the Budget Grenade x2 to the east and then head on to the Oldroad.

On the first section of the Oldroad you will find a Mana Spring, collect it before moving on. Finally the last section of the Mi'ihen Highroad! to the left in the larger area you will find a chest containing Echo Screen x2 and then along the narrow path to the south a chest with Soft x2. After collecting these items double back and head on to the next area.