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Area Rewards
 · Al Bhed Primer  · 100 Gil  · Still of Night Garment Grid  · Elixir
Area Enemies
  • Angra Mainyu -
  • Bolt Drake -
  • Chocobo -
  • Fly Eye -
  • Hrimthurs -
  • Killer Hound -

You can travel here directly after completing Djose Temple or visit several other places in between. However, if you do visit Bikanel Desert first, make sure not to miss the Moonflow, Guadosalam, Thunder Plains, and Macalania Woods before traveling to Bevelle.

If you visit this location before talking to Gippal, once you reach the camp, you will find that Nhadala is out in the field working. She will not become available until you complete Djose Temple.


Upon entering the area, Rikku will lead you through the sand dunes. Follow her until she admits she is lost. After some time wandering around the desert, an Al Bhed group will rescue the party. What a relief! You will receive an Al Bhed Primer after your rescue. You are taken to a small area with several hovercrafts and Al Bhed NPCs. There is a merchant near the Save Sphere here if you need to buy items.

Bikanel Desert Merchant
Item Cost
Potion 50
Phoenix Down 100
Antidote 50
Eye Drops 50
Echo Screen 50
Soft 50
Holy Water 300
Fiery Gleam 3000
Red Ring 3000

Head over to Rikku and Paine to join their conversation. Seems everyone is waiting around again. Talk to the pilot near the hover to find out you will also have to wait to continue here. Walk around the hover to the left to find two Al Bhed men. Talk to them. Your wait is finally over! Nhadala arrives.

Once she has landed, introduce yourself and hand over the Letter of Introduction you received from Gippal. You now have permission to dig! Talk to the hover pilot again and select to travel to the Western Expanse.

Introduction to Digging[edit]

More information about digging and prizes to be found is located on the page Digging at Bikanel.

When you reach the Western Expanse a timer will begin to countdown. You have that amount of time to dig in the area. Use the mini map to help you find the one of the yellow Xs and direct Yuna over to it. She will automatically dig when you reach one. Continue this until you find the needed parts. You can keep digging after this at the now white Xs if you have enough time. Head over and touch the hover when you have finished. If you do run out of time the party suffers from water deprivation and the dig is aborted. Give yourself about 12 seconds to reach the hover so that this doesn't happen.

After you complete a dig successfully, you will be awarded 100 Gil, Still of Night Garment Grid, and an Elixir.

You can keep digging, however it is suggested you keep it to a minimum. During Chapter 1, only the Western Expanse will be available to you. During the upcoming chapters, more areas will open to you as you dig with better rewards. But it is best to wait until Chapter 5 before you explore this minigame more or you may end up failing a important mission later at Djose needed for 100% completion.

Head back up to the airship and talk to Buddy and travel to Bevelle.