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The Samurai dressphere is another strong attacker type. It uses a larger sword that inflicts heavy physical damage. It surprisingly also benefits from great Evasion. However it is weak against flying enemies or those high in Evasion. A Samurai has many abilities that can enhance the user.

  • Obtained by - Collecting it from the ground in the Cloister of Trials area at the Kilika Temple before fighting Ifrit during Chapter 3.


Attribute Increase Attribute Increase
Strength Magic
Defense Magic Def.
Agility Accuracy
Evasion Luck


  • Attack
  • Bushido
  • Spare Change
  • Zantetsu
  • Item


Name AP MP Description Requirements
Attack 0 0 Attack one enemy None
Spare Change 0 0 Attack by throwing Gil None
Mirror of Equity 30 16 Attack one enemy, dealing greater damage when HP is low None
Magicide 30 4 Inflict damage on one enemy's MP None
Dismissal 30 10 Halt the pending action of one enemy Magicide
Fingersnap 40 10 Revert one enemy's attributes to normal levels Dismissal
Sparkler 40 12 Damages one enemy None
Fireworks 60 18 Damages all enemies Sparkler
Momentum 60 10 Deal increasing damage as you defeat more enemies Sparkler
Shin-Zantetsu 100 32 Instantly defeat all enemies (Sometimes fails) Momentum
Nonpareil 20 10 Raise the user's Strength and Accuracy None
No Fear 30 12 Cast Shell and Protect on the User Nonpareil
Clean Slate 40 16 Restore HP and cure user of status ailments No Fear
Hayate 60 20 Raise Evasion and caste Haste on the user Clean Slate
Zantetsu 140 0 Instantly defeat one enemy (sometimes fails) Shin-Zantetsu
SOS Critical 80 0 Always inflict critical hits when HP is low Fireworks