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Area Rewards
 · Hi-Potion x3  · Phoenix Down x3  · Al Bhed Primer  · Wrist Band  · Remedy
Area Enemies
  • Agama -
  • Archaeothyris -
  • Assassin Bee -
  • Chocobo -
  • Gold Elemental -
  • Greater Drake -
  • League Mage -
  • League Raider -
  • League Ranger -
  • League Trooper -
  • League Warrior -
  • Rukh - Tends to inflict petrification. Can easily slay the entire party if they are not protected against it.
  • Skink -
  • Watcher-A -
  • Watcher-R -
  • Watcher-S -

Before Djose becomes a Hotspot[edit]

There are two chests in the area. One with Hi-Potion x2 on the Djose Pilgrimage Road, then there is another chest with Phoenix Down x3 on the right side of the Reception building next to the Temple. Afterwards, keep going towards the Temple until you reach a scene where you speak with Gippal to obtain a Al Bhed Primer. He will assure the group that the Machine Faction has the fiends at Djose Temple under control and ask them to move on.

After Djose becomes a Hotspot[edit]

Area Rewards
 · Al Bhed Primer  · Remedy  · Stamina Spring  · Wrist Band  · Unwavering Guard Garment Grid
Area Enemies
  • Haunt -
  • Pairika -
  • Tomb -

Travel to Djose Temple and accept the mission to help clear Djose of fiends. You will receive an Al Bhed Primer in doing so. Enter the temple and grab the Remedy from the room on the left, then walk up the stairs to the Cloister of Trials. Head to the back of the passage and jump across a gap filled with machine parts to collect a chest with a Stamina Spring. Jump back across and then take the lift to the upper level. Walk past the guards to open a chest with a Wrist Band. Now push the pedestals found here back to deactivate the barrier that prevents you from moving further to the Chamber of the Fayth. A fiend will usually attack when you push a pedestal into its alcove. Once the barrier has been deactivated, prepare for a battle against Ixion and head up the steps.


HP: 12380 MP: 9999
EXP: 2600 AP: 15
Gil Dropped: 1800 Pilfer Gil: 3000
Steal: Normal - Sprint Shoes; Rare - Sprint Shoes
Drop: Normal - Soul of Thamasa; Rare - Soul of Thamasa

Ixion is lightning based. This tells you his strength as well as his weakness. Avoid using lightning attacks that will heal him, instead use water spells or attacks such as a Warrior's Liquid Steel. Keep the parties health high as many of Ixion's attacks inflict 500-1000 HP in damage. Using an Alchemist for this is a better idea than a White Mage because Ixion will also cast a homing missile attack that reduces MP. Ixion is vulnerable to Slow if you find his attacks are too frequent. With a little strategy and patience, taking down Ixion shouldn't be too difficult.

After the battle with Ixion, Yuna falls into the huge hole where the stone for the aeon used to be. She finds herself lost on the Farplane. Dark and alone. She will speak out loud; when she says "I'm all alone," press Cross button. She will then hear a whistle and see a vague shape. Yuna will toward it until it disappears, then you need to press Cross button again. Continue this until the whistle is heard at least 4 times - be quick though because the scene may end loosing your chance for completion if you don't press Cross button in a timely manner. Note that this happens during a cutscene, you won't be controlling Yuna; it's easiest to just start mashing Cross button when Yuna says "I'm all alone" and don't stop until Yuna wakes back up in Bevelle (you should hear four whistles and see three ghostly shapes; if you did it right, Yuna will walk up a green 'staircase' at the end). After the event here ends, the start of Chapter 4 begins.