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Area Rewards
*Covetous Garment Grid
  • Light Curtain x2

Luca is another uneventful place during Chapter 2. Only reason to visit is for a small percentage toward completion, to practice Sphere Break, and to collect an item (This item can be found on ledge near the steps heading down from the Mi'ihen Highroad exit. It is a chest with Light Curtain x2). Enter the courtyard area to start a televised interview with Shelinda. You can press R1 button or L1 button during this interview to change the camera views. She will ask you a question and if you answer with the truth, she will give you the Covetous Garment Grid. After the scene with Shelinda is done, move to the locker rooms to practice or play actual rounds of Sphere Break if you wish and then head back to the Airship.