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Area Rewards
 · Turbo Ether  · White Ring  · Full Throttle Dressphere  · Unerring Path Garment Grid  · Al Bhed Primer  · Ice Queen Garment Grid
Area Enemies
  • Amorphous Gel - Resistant to physical attacks. Continually shifts elemental weaknesses. Use a Gun Mage to scan this creature each time it Barrier Shifts to determine its current weakness and then use a Black Mage or Warrior to take it down.
  • Chocobo -
  • Deep Haizhe -
  • Gold Elemental -
  • Haizhe -
  • Red Elemental -
  • Sallet -
  • White Elemental -
  • Xiphactinus -

Finding the Musicians[edit]

Walk forward and speak to a figure in blue to trigger a scene. He is the musician, Bayra, who is trying to find his friends. Head east from the Save Sphere to a path next to a Guado. Take this path to the next area. Continue straight, ignoring the Yevon Guards to the left, to a four-path intersection. Follow the bottom path to a spring. Here you will find Donga. He is one of the missing musicians. Talk to him and he will fade away. Back track to the Save Sphere. This time take the tree branch path to the north. In the next section you will find a White Ring at the top curve of the path. Collect it, and continue on to the next area until you find another musician, Pukutak. Speak to her until she fades away. Keep going down this path to the next area. Here you will find another intersection. Take the top right path.


Explore this area until you find Tromell. Speak with him 4 times so that he will hand over the Full Throttle Dressphere and Unerring Path Garment Grid. Paine now has her special dressphere and a grid that will allow her to quickly access it in a battle. Head back to the intersection, this time taking the top left path to the Travel Agency.

Helping O'aka[edit]

Here you will witness a very hostile scene. The Al Bhed are after the new proprietor of the shop who happens to be O'aka! He owes them quite a bit of Gil. After this scene you will gain another Al Bhed Primer - you may have to speak to the Al Bhed woman in front of the shop to obtain this. O'aka then sneaks up behind the party. Talk to him if you can, if not follow him back to the intersection to begin the "Follow that O'aka!" mission. Ignore the path he takes and head up the shimmering path to the bottom right (you may see him on the lower roads as you travel this way). Head to the next area and take the left turn to a dead end to collect a Turbo Ether. Back track before the turn and head south to the end of this path. You will find yourself back at the entrance of the Macalania Woods, take the east path.

O'aka will be seen again dashing off in a new direction. Turn around out of the spring area to the intersection leading to it. This time take the top path. Here you will find an elderly Guado. Speak with him several times for clues. O'aka is hiding in the tree to the top left of this small area. Examine the tree to finally catch up with him. Agree to let him hide out on your airship and he will reward you with the Ice Queen Garment Grid. (If you choose to turn him over to the Al Bhed, you will still receive the Garment Grid, however you will not get 100% game completion. Also, you will miss out on some great deals on items from him in Chapter 5. But do whatever you want, this walkthrough is only telling you what will happen after you make certain decisions).

Head back to the Save Sphere and travel up to the ship. Take the elevator to the Cabin. You will find O'aka standing across from Barkeep near a table. Speak to him to learn more about his problem. He owes 100,000 Gil to the Al Bhed. Turns out you are going to be the one that pays his debt. It's not all a waste! You will do so by purchasing items from him at a discount. Once you help him clear his debt, he will offer an even bigger discount (Once you have this discount it is possible to quickly make back some money by selling him the items you bought from him). If you help him before the end of Chapter 3, he will return to Macalania Woods and set up a shop that will be very useful during Chapter 5. Try to pay his debt before the end of the game (It is possible if you level up often or constantly use Pilfer Gil). If you don't pay the debt before the end of game and choose to play with New Game+, his debt will carry over with a 1,000 Gil penalty.

O'aka the Merchant (Starting Prices)
Item Cost
Potion 49
Hi-Potion 490
Phoenix Down 98
Antidote 49
Eye Drops 49
Echo Screen 49
Soft 49
Holy Water 290
O'aka the Merchant (Prices after Debt is Paid)
Item Cost
Potion 5
Hi-Potion 50
Phoenix Down 10
Antidote 5
Eye Drops 5
Echo Screen 5
Soft 5
Holy Water 30

Talk to Buddy and travel to Bikanel Desert.