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Mini Map[edit]

Save Sphere[edit]

Battle System[edit]

  • Battle Screen
  • Combat turns
  • Initial Actions
  • Magic
  • Elemental Properties
  • Chain Attacks

Game Completion[edit]

Main Menu[edit]

  • Items
  • White Magic
  • Equip
  • Garment Grid
  • Abilities
  • Accessories
  • Dresspheres
  • Config

Garment Grids and Dresspheres[edit]

Final Fantasy X-2 uses a unique feature for character development and battle. This is the Dressphere System. Dresspheres are small spheres that fit into a Garment Grid. Garment Grids are then equipped by a character. That character can then learn the abilities of the dresspheres, switching between any sphere placed on that grid.Both Garment Grids and Dresspheres are found throughout Spira.

Each Garment Grid has a set of nodes and lines or gates, however, other than this each different one is unique. Some equip auto-abilities. Performing a spherechange on some Garment Grids during battle will allow a specific skill to a character for that battle. Completely traveling through all gates (they will turn blue after they are traveled) may also award a character with a skill and the ability to use their special dressphere.

To equip a Garment Grid visit the main menu by pressing Triangle button. Open the Garment Grids sub-screen and select the grid to be used. The available dresspheres will then appear on the left side of the screen. Select which ones to place in the Garment Grid nodes. The dresspheres can be re-arranged (either auto or manually), replaced, or removed from this same menu.

From the main menu, then select Equipment and a character. Select there which Garment Grid is to be used and which sphere from it.


During battle if a dressphere is equipped into the characters current Garment Grid, she may perform a Spherechange and switch to it. Press L1 button to bring up the Garment Grid, select the desired dressphere (must be adjacent to the one currently in use), and then press Cross button. A scene will play and the character will then transform into a new set of clothing with a new set of abilities. (You can set the length of these scenes or turn them off in the Config sub-screen of the main menu. Note that the full scene will play regardless of these settings if the sphere hasn't been used before.)

Special Dresspheres[edit]

Each character has a special dressphere that is unique to them. They can be found by completing certain missions. Yuna's special sphere is Floral Fallal. Rikku's special sphere is Machina Maw. Paine's special sphere is Full Throttle. These spheres cannot be equipped onto a Garment Grid. Instead the character must completely traverse through any grids nodes and gates during a single battle to unlock this sphere. Once a Garment Grid is fully loaded, press L1 button to access the spherechange menu, then press R1 button. That character will then transform into that outfit and the other two characters will temporarily leave the battlefield. They will be replaced by a section from the special dressphere so it is still like using a three member party. Special dresspheres acquire AP and abilities just like any other dresspheres, but also require key items to completely master.

Mastering Dresspheres[edit]

Each dressphere has a set amount of abilities that can be learned. Ability Points (AP) is collected during battle that go toward these skills. The next ability to be learned can be set by opening the main menu and selecting the sub screen Abilities. Select a character and a list of current dresspheres will be shown with a percentage toward mastering that sphere next to it. If it isn't mastered, select the desired sphere. A sub menu will be brought up with abilities required to learn. Move the cursor to the next desired ablitiy and press Cross button to confirm the choice. You can also press L1 button or R1 button to cycle through that characters obtained spheres.