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Area Rewards
Area Enemies
  • Aculeate -
  • Angra Mainyu -
  • Aquila -
  • Bold Drake -
  • Canis Major -
  • Chocobo -
  • Gigas -
  • Guard Machina -
  • Gucamatz -
  • Hrimthurs -
  • Killer Hound -
  • Machina Hunter -
  • Pop Fry -
  • Sand Worm -
  • Watcher-A - Should be taken out first with physical attacks only.
  • Watcher-R - Should be taken out first with physical attacks only.
  • Watcher-S - Should be taken out first with physical attacks only.
  • Zu -
Bikanel Desert Merchant Chapter 3
Item Cost
Potion 50
Hi-Potion 500
Phoenix Down 100
Antidote 50
Eye Drops 50
Echo Screen 50
Soft 50
Holy Water 300
Fiery Gleam 3000
Red Ring 3000
NulBlaze Ring 8000

Cactuar Nation[edit]

Nhadala has another assignment for the Gullwings. Marnella of the Cactuar Nations has summoned a diplomatic party and a translator. You must escort the translator to the Cactuar Nation and speak with the cacti. Talk to the pilot and have him take the group to the Cactuar Nation. Benzo, the translator will follow you there. Find the large cati (marked by an X on the mini-map) and examine it discover that it is Marnella and speak to her. While talking to Marnella, she will ask you if you believe her. Agree That makes perfect sense! to progress. She then tells the group that a great menace is about to resurface in the desert and the cati will need you to search Spira and find the 10 Cactuar gatekeepers in order to summon the Great Haboob.

To begin searching for the 10 gatekeepers, find the cactus marked by a green square on the mini-map. Speak to it for a clue on where to find the first. After you find the cactuar mentioned and bring it back, another cactus in the area will awaken and be available for you to speak to for a clue as to were the next cactuar can be found. During Chapter 3, only the first six can be found. The rest can be searched for during Chapter 5.

Cacutar Name Location
Lobivia In the Oasis section of Bikanel Desert.
Toumeya Sunbathing on the beach on Besaid Island
Lobeira Inside Ormi's room in Leblanc's chateau at Guadosalam
Areq & Arroja Hanging around the foot of Mt. Gagazet in the Calm Lands.
Islaya Northern area of the Thunder Plains


New areas are open to you for digging during Chapter 3. The Eastern Expanse and the Northern Expanse. If you dig at the Eastern Expanse, a green X may appear. If you examine it, you will find a pile of machina. Beware though, the pile will come alive and drones of machina will attack the girls. The group will eventually give up and dig will then be counted as a failure. If you choose to dig in the Northern Expanse, be prepared to fight Zu's. Fighting one will be required on the first visit and they also roam the area during digs after the first visit.

In the Oasis, you will find a Hypello with a caravan selling goods.

Bikanel Desert Oasis Caravan
Item Cost
Black Choker 4000
Potpourri 4000
Gris-Gris Bag 4000
Pearl Necklace 4000
Pretty Orb 4000
Dragonfly Orb 4000
Chaos Shock 15000
Fury Shock 15000
Lag Shock 15000
System Shock 15000