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Area Rewards
 · Dispel Tonic  · Phoenix Down x2  · Hi-Potion x2  · Grenade x2  · L-Bomb x2  · Remedy  · Lunar Curtain  · Mana Spring  · Light Curtain  · 1000 Gil  · Remedy x3  · Remedy x2  · Ether x2  · Elixir x2  · Phoenix Down x2  · Hi-Potion x3  · Soul of Thamasa
Area Enemies
  • Anole
  • Behemoth
  • Gecko
  • Nashorn
  • White Elemental

Entering from Mt. Gagazet, head past the Save Sphere and through the first few areas. Pass the merchant (buy from her if needed) and head into the dome. Walk up and around to the higher area until you reach an intersection. Take the right path to a dead end for a chest with a Dispel Tonic, then walk back and head to the top left and around. Pick up the chest with Phoenix Down x2 before moving on to the next area. Found here before the steps is a chest with Hi-Potion x2. A little further is Grenade x2. After opening it, move forward to find Issaru. Speak with him to learn that monkeys are infesting the ruins and driving off the tourists. As he walks away, Rikku and Paine come up with a plan to help the monkeys and run off the tourists for good. The mission "Operation: Monkey!" begins. You must now find and pair up all 12 sets of monkeys scattered throughout the Zanarkand Ruins. Begin by picking up a monkey that is love (noted by hearts above it's head) with Cross button and offering it to the other monkeys by locating them and again pressing Cross button. If you find the correct one, they will fall in love. Be careful though because offer to the wrong monkey and it may swipe some Gil. Finding and matching all pairs of monkeys will reward you with the Soul of Thamasa accessory.

Set Monkey Lover Location Soul Mate Location
1 Birch 2 Rooms after the chamber of the fayth (fought yunalesca from FFX) Sequoia Chamber of the Fayth - front right
2 Spring Circular room after the Chamber of the Fayth Autumn Cloister of Trials Area (First room before the room with the elevator to go down to the Chamber of the Fayth)
3 Dusky The long corridor you talked to isaaru in Dawne Same area you found Birch - front/Right side
4 Rosemary Circular room after the Chamber of the Fayth Thyme Cloister of Trials Area - front right
5 Terran Cloister of Trials Area Skye Same area you found Birch/Dawne - at the back on the right
6 Minni Circular room after the Chamber of the Fayth Maxx Cloister of Trials Area - back by the computer screen
7 Summer Chamber of the Fayth Winter Path before Cloister of Trials - front right by the treasure chest
8 Peke Cloister of Trials Area Valli Chamber of the Fayth - front right
9 Canis Circular room after the Chamber of the Fayth Felina Path before Cloister of Trials front right near Winter
10 Arroh Cloister of Trials Area Quivrr Path before Cloister of Trials - top landing
11 Golde Chamber of the Fayth Sylva Path before Cloister of Trials - on the circular landing
12 Luna Path before Cloister of Trials Sol Circular room after the Chamber of the Fayth

While doing the mission, don't forget to collect the rest of the chests. Down the pathway after talking to Issaru, you will find L-Bomb x2, and a Remedy. In the next area (Cloister of Trials), there are two chests here. The first containing a Lunar Curtain, the next containing a Mana Spring. In the larger cloister area, at opposite corners of lift, two chests contain a Light Curtain and 1000 Gil. Head down the lift to the Chamber of Fayth and north to a large circular room. The chests scattered here contain Elixir x2, Phoenix Down x2, Hi-Potion x2, Remedy x3, Remedy x2, and Ether x2.

When you have finished collecting items and pairing up monkeys, board the airship and move on to the next area.