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The Gun Mage dressphere allows the user to learn fiend abilities similar to Kimahri's Ronso Rage in Final Fantasy X. A fiend must be faced in battle, either normal or oversouled, and must perform a learn-able attack on the character wearing the Gun Mage sphere. A Gun Mage can also expose the weaknesses and current status ailments of an enemy or party member.

  • Obtained by - First available by helping Tobli by completing the Guard the Hypello mission at the Moonflow during Chapter 1. Can also be obtained in Chapter 2 by selling at least 6 tickets for Tobli.


Attribute Increase Attribute Increase
HP 1 MP 3
Strength 3 Magic 4
Defense 2 Magic Def. 4
Agility 4 Accuracy 4
Evasion 1 Luck 2


  • Attack
  • Blue Bullet
  • Fiend hunter
  • Scan
  • Item


Name AP MP Description Requirements
Attack 0 0 Attack one enemy None
Blue Bullet 0 0 Attack with learned fiend abilities None
Scan 20 0 View detailed information about one fiend None
Shell Cracker 20 3 Deal x4 damage to Helms None
Anti-Aircraft 20 3 Deal x4 damage to Birds and Wasps None
Silver Bullet 20 3 Deal x4 damage to Lupines None
Flan Eater 20 3 Deal x4 damage to Flans None
Elementillery 20 3 Deal x4 damage to Elementals Flan Eater
Killasaurus 20 3 Deal x4 damage to Reptiles None
Drake Slayer 20 3 Deal x4 damage to Drakes Killasaurus
Dismantler 20 3 Deal x4 damage to Machina None
Mech Destroyer 20 3 Deal x4 damage to Mechs Dismantler
Demon Muzzle 20 3 Deal x4 damage to Imps and Evil Eyes Anti-Aircraft
Fiend Hunter Lv.2 30 0 Preparation time for Fiend Hunter is cut by 40% None
Scan Lv.2 20 0 Allows user to rotate targets when casting Scan None
Scan Lv.3 100 0 Allows user to target party members with Scan Scan Lv.2

Blue Bullet abilities[edit]

Name MP Description Learned From
Fire Breath 28 Deals fire damage to all enemies Balivarha
Seed Cannon 28 Damage on enemy Leucophylla, Cephalotus
Stone Breath 32 Petrifies all enemies Tomb, Monolith, Dolmen, Epitaph
Absorb 3 Absorb HP and MP from one enemy Protochimera, Haizhe, Baralai (Ch.2), Flan, Azabache, Jahi, Cindy, Vegnagun
White Wind 16 Restores some HP to the party and cures status ailments Bully Cap, Coeurl, Queen Coeurl, Mycotoxin, Ms. Goon
Bad Breath 64 Inflicts status ailments on all enemies Malboro, Great Malboro
Mighty Guard 32 Casts Shell and Protect on the party Haizhe, Garik Ronso
Supernova 70 Damages all enemies Ultima Weapon, Paragon
Cry in the Night 80 Damages all enemies Mega Tonberry
Drill Shot 32 Damage all enemies Baralai (Ch. 5)
Mortar 99 Damages one enemy Gippal
Annihilator 48 Damages all enemies Experiment
Heaven's Cataract 22 Damages all enemies and lowers their Defense and Magic Defense Kukulcan, Gucumatz, Chac
1000 Needles 24 Damages one enemy Cactuar
Storm Cannon 38 Damages all enemies Ironside
Blaster 30 Damages one enemy Coeurl, Queen Coeurl
  • Note that some abilities can only be learned when a monster is or isn't oversouled.