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The bold item (Plant/Lab/Shipyard or Construction unit) in each column is required to build the units or structures beneath it.

Tier 1 Structures Solar Collector Energy Storage Metal Extractor Light Laser Tower
Wind Generator Metal Storage Metal Maker Radar Tower
KBot Lab Vehicle Plant Airfield Shipyard
Tier 1 Units PeeWee Jeffy Peeper Skeeter
Hammer Flash Freedom Fighter Crusader
Rocko Samson Thunder Lurker
Jethro Stumpy Atlas Hulk
Construction KBot Construction Vehicle Construction Aircraft Construction Ship
Tier 2 Structures Sentinel Sentinel Sentinel Tidal Generator
Defender Defender Defender Sonar Station
Guardian Guardian Guardian Torpedo Launcher
Dragon's Teeth Dragon's Teeth Dragon's Teeth Light Laser Tower
Geothermal Geothermal Geothermal
Advanced KBot Lab Advanced Vehicle Plant Advanced Aircraft Plant Advanced Shipyard
Tier 2 Units Zipper Bulldog Hawk Piranha
Zeus Luger Phoenix Ranger
Fido Triton Brawler Conqueror
Invader Merl Lancet Millennium
Eraser Seer Colossus
Advanced Construction KBot Advanced Construction Vehicle Advanced Construction Aircraft Advanced Construction Ship
Tier 3 Structures Big Bertha Big Bertha Big Bertha
Retaliator Retaliator Retaliator
Annihilator Annihilator Annihilator
Protector Protector Protector
Advanced Radar Tower Advanced Radar Tower Advanced Radar Tower
Aircraft Repair Platform Aircraft Repair Platform Aircraft Repair Platform
Fusion Reactor Fusion Reactor Fusion Reactor
Moho Mine Moho Mine Moho Mine