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The bold units and structures in the column are required for production of units below them within a particular column.

Tier 1 Structures Solar Collector Energy Storage Metal Extractor Light Laser Tower
Wind Generator Metal Storage Metal Maker Radar Tower
KBot Lab Vehicle Plant Airfield Shipyard
Tier 1 Units AK Weasel Fink Searcher
Storm Instigator Avenger Enforcer
Crasher Slasher Shadow Snake
Thud Raider Valkyrie Envoy
Construction KBot Construction Vehicle Construction Aircraft Construction Ship
Tier 2 Structures Gaat Gun Gaat Gun Gaat Gun Tidal Generator
Pulverizer Pulverizer Pulverizer Sonar Station
Punisher Punisher Punisher Torpedo Launcher
Dragon's Teeth Dragon's Teeth Dragon's Teeth Light Laser Tower
Geothermal Powerplant Geothermal Powerplant Geothermal Powerplant
Advanced KBot Lab Advanced Vehicle Plant Advanced Aircraft Plant Advanced Shipyard
Tier 2 Units The Can Reaper Vamp Shark
Pyro Pillager Hurricane Executioner
Roach Crock Rapier Warlord
Spectre Diplomat Titan Hive
Informer Hydra
Advanced Construction KBot Advanced Construction Vehicle Advanced Construction Aircraft Advanced Construction Ship
Tier 3 Structures Intimidator Intimidator Intimidator
Doomsday Machine Doomsday Machine Doomsday Machine
Silencer Silencer Silencer
Fortitude Fortitude Fortitude
Advanced Radar Tower Advanced Radar Tower Advanced Radar Tower
Aircraft Repair Platform Aircraft Repair Platform Aircraft Repair Platform
Fusion Reactor Fusion Reactor Fusion Reactor
Moho Mine Moho Mine Moho Mine