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Mission Briefing[edit]

TACC-ARM-01-Hydross - The Search Begins.jpg

Core has had ample time to establish itself on Hydross. Using available new technology, establish a base and clear the sector of Core units. You will begin your search for the contingent Core Commander from here.

Priority Critical
Our scientists have developed new units and adapted others to this world. Core will have adapted as well. Prepare your defenses quickly.

Info Feed
Because of the nearness to the system's sun, the polar ice caps have not formed on Hydross. The planet has no landmasses. You will have to construct your base entirely of water-based units. Pay attention to your metal economy.

There is an indigenous life-form known as the Serpent. They will hamper our efforts to remove Core from Hydross. The Serpents must be destroyed as well.

To complete this mission you must destroy all Core units and Serpents.


Map Info[edit]

Planet Size Tidal Strength Solar Strength Wind Speed Gravity Max Units Water Damage Surface Metal Moho Metal
Water World 15x15 24 26 2000-4000 112 250 0 3 40