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Mission Briefing[edit]

TACC-Core-10-Cool Down.jpg

Arm holds all but Gelidus... but the fools have wasted too much time already. The implosion device is undergoing final adjustments. Soon the galaxy, and Arm, will be no more... and Core will stand alone in a new more perfect galaxy.

Arm is becoming increasingly desperate. But they will be throwing themselves against our improved technology. The hail storms that we have become accustomed to will hamper them, and work for us... so long as you use the new pop-up weapon technology.

Repair between battles and hailstorms. Arm may have an endless supply of reinforcements, but we must make each unit count.

For just a little longer.

Destroy all of the Arm units.


Map Info[edit]

Planet Size Tidal Strength Solar Strength Wind Speed Gravity Max Units Water Damage Surface Metal Moho Metal
Ice 12x11 20 16 3000-4000 112 250 0 3 40
Area of Effect Edge Effectiveness Damage
32 0.5 50
Difficulty Radius Density Duration Interval
Easy 1174 200 155 621
Medium 2000 291 243 400
Hard 2000 408 300 379