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Narration:The Core invasion of Empyrrean reached its most critical point, when Core forces destroyed one of the major planetary habitats and used the raw materials to construct the full-scale outpost. The Core base extracted resources directly from Empyrrean itself and began producing battle units, setting alarming rate. This represented the foothold, needed by the Core for the success of its invasion of the Arm homeworld, which intended to ensure the Arm's final and complete destruction...

Mission Briefing[edit]

Objective: Locate Core mining and communications facilities. Destroy all Core units.

Priority 1 Core contamination of Empyrrean has gone too far! Destruction of Core mining and communications base on the frontier will disrupt Core data transmissions, and deprive Core of rare mineals.

Info Feed Warning! Warning! Warning! The Core base is well protected. Establish a base in order to have sufficient strength to complete the mission. The enemy is aware of your intent and may send Pyro Assassin teams against you. A Zeus Model Arm-Zeus is provided for your protection.

Repair units when possible.



Map for Arm Campaign, mission 4: Core Contamination Spreads

Starting Units: Commander, 1 Zeus, 2 Rockos

You need to immediately start building your base near your starting point in the southeastern corner of the map. The Core base you will eventually destroy is on the western edge of the map, but there are Core patrols all around you.

You'll likely be attacked pretty quickly after beginning the mission. Keeping your units ready to defend your base is a major priority. In addition to your resource collectors and KBot Lab, you'll want to queue up a Radar Tower to keep tabs on the enemies (possibly even before the Lab). Attacks will come in waves from any direction, so concentrate on an active defense with your Zeus and Rockos while the Commander is building your base.

As soon as your KBot Lab is ready, queue up a half dozen PeeWees, Rockos, and Hammers to patrol the perimiter of your base. You may also want to build a Light Laser Tower near the western edge of your base to take out fast-moving attackers as well. Once you have a good perimiter, start building a Construction KBot to start work on an Advanced KBot Lab. Order the Commander to build a Vehicle Lab, and keep the KBot Lab producing PeeWees, Rockos, and Hammers for an attack force. When the Vehicle Plant is ready, start producing Flash and Stumpy tanks, as well as Jeffy scout vehicles.

Once you have a small force built up (a half dozen of each KBot to spare from defense, and a number of tanks should do it), send the attack force due west. You should find a small hill with a Radar Tower and a couple of Light Lasers. If you send along your Commander, you should be able to concentrate your units to take out the Laser Towers while the Commander captures the Radar Tower (just don't let your units shoot the Radar Tower).

When the Advanced KBot Lab is ready, start producing Zippers and Fidos, with the occasional Zeus. When you've captured the Radar Tower, return the Commander to the base to help the Construction KBot repair any damage the stream of invaders have done and reclaim the scrap that you've hopefully turned the invaders into with each wave of their attack.

Build another attack force to head towards the center of the map. There is a pair of hills in this area, take out the Light Laser Towers here and prepare to defend the hill from attackers that will start pouring in from the west. Continue building reinforcements at your base and send them out (it may help to use the Radar Tower as an interim gathering point to prevent reinforcements from stringing out across the open space between and attracting patrols).

Once you've held the central hills for a time and the waves of attackers slow down, you may want to build another Radar Tower here to help locate stragglers. You'll also want to send out patrols at this point (from your base) to seek out enemy units around the map and take them out. Once you're fairly certain the rest of the map is cleaned up, send a sizeable force into the enemy base to mop up.