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Mission Briefing[edit]

TACC-Krogoth Encounter.jpg

Late in the War, it became apparent to Central Consciousness that, unless something was done, Arm would prevail.

Out of desperation, and in an effort to turn Arm back, Core began the Krogoth Project. Krogoth - a gargantuan bot equipped with terrifying weaponry - powerful enough to stop even a Commander in his tracks.

The battle to destroy the Krogoth manufacturing gantries was long and fierce. It was a turning point in the War.

Now it is your turn Commander. Fight the epic battle once again...

Destroy all Krogoth bots, and the gantries that produce them.

This mission is for experienced Commanders. You will find Core to be without mercy.

There is no easy nor moderate way to win this mission. Playing Hard is the only option.

Map Info[edit]

Planet Size Tidal Strength Solar Strength Wind Speed Gravity Max Units Water Damage Surface Metal Moho Metal
Metal 24x24 10 24 300-1000 112 400 0 250 40

This mission can only be played on a difficulty setting of Hard.



On this map, you will be attacked early and often. Since your initial forces are no match for enemy units already on the map, you are forced to play defensively.

There are 2 ways to win this mission:

  • The first: The initial defense plan involves building anti-aircraft turrets (defenders as Flak is restricted for the mission) to fight any incoming bombers or aircraft. After air defenses are ready, start blocking off access to the base with Dragon's teeth.

The perimeter should be setup before you are approached by two Krogoths. When that happens, do not attempt to engage them, since that risks damaging your wall. Instead, focus on building for a counter attack, or shelling targets at long range before they approach your base.

  • The second: Build your anti-aircraft turrets! Aircraft are the only real problem. Use your construction kbots and commander to build solar collectors and metal extractors. Ignore the incoming krogoth danger but play defensively. When two Krogoths come use your ground units as a shield (he will atack the closest unit with his laser) before they come close to the hearth of your base and disintegrate the first Krogoth from the maximum range. Repair your Commander. Repeat. So you have unlimited time.

One helpful counter to Krogoths is to use spiderbots on them. The spiderbot's paralysis weapon will freeze a krogoth in place, provided the spiderbots continue to attack it.

Unnecessary useful advice: Pulverisers are not enough to protect you from aircraft - there are too many of them. Use Hawks.