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Core resistance continue to increase during the fighting on Tergiverse IV. It was clear that they had began considering Arm commander as serious threat. If another gate would be captured, the Arm would be deep within Core territory.

Mission Briefing[edit]

Capture the Core Gate.

Priority Critical Core resistance is increasing, a sure indication that we near another Gate - and through that Gate another Core world. This battle will secure Tergiverse IV for Arm and open another door. We must prevail!

Info Feed There is a depression to the northeast. The Gate is thought to be located there. Expect stiff resistance from the guards posted there. The combined use of air and ground units will be especially effective on this mission.



Map for Core Campaign, mission 11: The Gate to Barathrum

Starting units: Commander, 2 Brawler Gunships, 2 Jethros, 2 Zippers, 1 Zeus, and 1 Fido.

Start a base and begin gathering energy and metal. Build up and get a Vehicle Lab started, followed by a Radar Tower (placed on a hilltop found just northwest of the starting point). Metal is scarce on this map, so scavenging metal from nearby rocks may be a good idea. Core will send some small airstrikes early on, but they shouldn't be a major concern. Build a Construction Vehicle and five or six Flash tanks and Samsons.

Next, build an Aircraft Plant, ordering it to build Freedom Fighters and Thunder Bombers. When the vehicles and air support are ready, move towards the butte to the northeast. There is a geothermal vent in this area that can supply most of the energy resources the Arm forces will need for the remainder of the battle. After building a Geothermal Power Plant, head to the top of the butte and build a Guardian Plasma Cannon.

While the cannon is under construction, build another Radar Tower nearby. Move some Samsons up to the Butte to defend the construction and make sure the patrolling aircraft pass through the area as well. Continue scouting for more sources of metal and remember to salvage metal from enemy units as well.

Once the Guardian is ready, pick off a few easy targets before moving Arm's forces north to the depression. Pulverizers and Gaat Guns guard either side of the depression. Fly in some air strikes to take down the defenses, but be sure not to attack the Gate as you head east. There are a handful of ground troops near the Gate that will require some ground vehicles to take out safely, but the remainder of the Core forces should be safely taken out from the air.