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Mission Briefing[edit]

Narration: Battling the Arm so deep within its own territory proved difficult for the Core Commander. Defenses were strong on Nigh Pilago, and the Arm troops fought intensely. Strategic analysis had detected a weak point, however: a key fusion plant located inside a massive volcano.

Intell-tap Arm controls this part of Nigh Pilago. The web of laser towers in this area has become a problem. The towers are powered by a single fusion power plant that is located in a dormant volcano to the north. Arm believes that it has an impenetrable web of protection. Analysis shows that there is a way through the web. Find the safe path to the island and send in bombers to destroy the Fusion Plant.

Destroy the Fusion Plant.



Map for Core Campaign, mission 18: Slolam Pilago

Starting units: Commander, 3 Finks

This map starts the Commander out on a small island covered in vegetation. There's not much room to build, but there's plenty of time to set things up right. Start with resource collection and a KBot Lab, followed by a Construction KBot. Reclaim the Lab and build an

Advanced KBot Lab in its place. An Advanced Construction KBot can replace the resource collectors with Moho Mines and Fusion Plants, which in turn means there will be enough energy to make use of Metal Makers.

To get a Shipyard online, build a bunch of Slashers, set them up in a group, and prepare to target subs when the Commander starts building. Press A to force them to attack the subs when you see the source of the torpedoes. Of course, there are other ways to do this, but most of them are more resource-intensive. Once the Shipyard is up, build Snakes to make the sub defense less demanding.

Once the water is a little safer, build an Advanced Shipyard (using a Construction Ship). At this point build an Advanced Radar Tower on the northern part of the island and start building up a fleet of Warlords and Hydras. The radar should reveal the locations of the Sentinels and Guardian on each of the small islands in the middle section of the map. This should make it easier to take them out one at a time with your navy's long-range weapons.

With the defensive structures cleared out, send the fleet searching for roaming Arm ships. Stay away from the two larger islands to the north for now, but once the water is relatively safe, send a transport with an Advanced Construction KBot to the northernmost of the small islands to build another Advanced Radar Tower. This will light up the targets for the next part of the assault. Ignore the Fusion Plant and hit Arm on the northwestern island.

A good group of Warlords, Hydras, and Snakes should make short work of the Arm's combined air and naval forces. Once this island is clean, the fleet can turn its attention to the defensive structures on the remaining island. Clear the way by targeting them one at a time, Sentinels won't stay up long with a combined barrage from the Warlords and Hydras. Once the defenses are down, hit the Fusion Plant with bombers to end the mission.