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Mission Briefing[edit]

Narration: The Core was surprised by the Arm's having reached the planet's surface without detection. Central Consciousness, an enormous collection of linked minds located on Core Prime itself, directed that the planetary security mind cluster be scanned for anomalies. Meanwhile, Arm forces continued to appear in increasing numbers. The Core Commander, now reactivated, immediately launched into action.

Intell-tap A nest of Arm vermin has been located. They have established an untidy KBot Lab in Plaza B206. Build a base, and a Vehicle Plant. Produce sufficient units to eradicate the Arm vermin.

Build a Vehicle Plant and destroy all of the Arm units.



Map for Core Campaign, mission 2: Vermin.

Starting units: Commander, 2 AKs, 1 Storm in the southeast

Start building your base immediately and work on defending it from small attacks with your AKs and Storm. Make sure you're gaining enough energy with Solar Collectors, and then build a Vehicle Plant. Once the Plant is ready, build Instigators and Weasels to take up the defense.

Watch your metal and energy use, and build more Collectors as needed. If production is high enough, build a few Raiders to improve the defenses. When you can afford to send out a couple of weasels to scout things out and begin offensive forays, send them to clear the area directly northwest of your base. LLTs and other enemy units guard the entrances to their base, so Instigators and Raiders will help to take them down once you locate the entrances with your Weasels.

Sweep the areas around your base and leading up to the entrances before proceeding to take out the base defenses. Move slowly and use your units in solid groups to focus on small groups of enemies (or solitary enemies when possible). With a little patience and careful control of your units, it should just be a matter of time until the Arm base is cleared out and you won't have to tolerate their presence any longer.