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Mission Briefing[edit]

Narration: Aqueous Minor had begun its dry season, a two-hundred year period during which rainfall was almost nonexistent as water collected and froze at the poles. The Core Commander arrived to find small, barren islands poking their heads out of the thickening, salty seas. The Arm was waiting.

Intell-tap The use of ship units will be most effective on Aqueous Minor. Heavy weapon shore emplacements will be effective in defending your base here.

Build a ship yard. Defend against any Arm attempts to dislodge you from your beach-head on Aqueous Minor.



Map for Core Campaign, mission 9: The Purgation of Aqueous Minor

Starting units: Commander

This mission starts with a lone Core Commander near four PeeWees. Eliminate the PeeWees and start building a base. Build Storms and a Construction KBot to secure the location and prepare for expansion. Most of the Arm resistance on this map will be the navy, but a Shipyard can't be built until the coast is secured. Four metal deposits and a geothermal vent on the island should bring enough resources to get started.

Build a Vehicle Plant and start producing Slashers and a Construction Vehicle. The Slashers should be able to start damaging the naval units while you get started on an Advanced Vehicle Plant. Start producing Diplomats to get some range, and make some room for the Shipyard. If you can see ships at this point, or you haven't taken down a couple waves of Arm attackers, it's not safe to build the Shipyard.

Once the Shipyard is up, start on the Snakes and Enforcers, and build a Construction Ship to reclaim the sunken enemy wrecks. Keep the land units ready for targeting, though, as an Arm attack could be an expensive lesson for a young Core navy.

Once you have a sizeable force, start seeking out targets with your Snakes. Use the Diplomats until you've cleared everything within their range. Once that's done, send all of your Enforcers after individual targets whenever possible. Take care of the laser towers on the islands as soon as possible, and then begin the search & destroy pattern to clean up. Remember to do most of the searching with your subs, and to attack single targets with your whole fleet as often as possible.