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Mission Briefing[edit]

Narration: Towards the end of the war, a series of key strategic victories shifted the longstanding balance of power in favor of the Arm Rebellion. Control over the few significant concentrations of resources left in the galaxy gave the Arm a crucial edge over the Core. Outmaneuvered and outgunned, Core forces everywhere were systematically wiped out. Finally, all of that remained of the once proud empire was its command center - the planet Core Prime. Core Prime, too, would have fallen, were it not for the unmatched skill of the sole surviving Core Commander. A shrewd tactician and ruthless warrior, the Commander repelled every Arm attack to approach the Core homeworld. Despite superior numbers, Arm forces were unable to overcome the Commander's cunning defense. The stalemate ended when Arm forces somehow made their way undetected onto Core Prime. At the time of the initial invasion, the Core Commander was undergoing routine maintenance and was deactivated by the Arm before a response could be mounted. The Arm had known precisely where and when to strike. The enemy had arrived.

Objective: Arm vermin have made planetfall on Core Prime. A small group has caught the Commander during maintenance and deactivated him. Destroy all Arm vermin so that the Commander can be reactivated.

Intell-tap The probability of Arm being on Core Prime is nil. Yet they are here.

Destroy all of the Arm units.



Map for Core Campaign, mission 1: The Commander Reactivated.

Starting Units: Commander (near northwestern corner of map), 4 AKs, 2 Storms, 3 Weasels, 1 Instigator, and 1 Raider (near southeastern corner of map)

Your Commander is alone and deactivated, though so far not under attack. Your main force will be harassed by Arm units as you attempt to make your way to the Commander to reactivate him.

You should move slowly in a group (or practice grouping your units according to range and try to keep them arranged accordingly) counterclockwise around the map. Take out Arm units 1 by 1 if possible, or in the smallest groups you can manage, concentrating your attacks to do the most damage and take them out as quickly as possible. The hardest enemy should be a Stumpy tank you'll most likely find patrolling near the northwest corner of the map.

Once you've taken care of all of the enemies on the lower portion of the map, take the ramp in the northeastern corner and move along the northern edge of the map. Make your way down the western edge of the map from the northwest corner to find the Commander. There may be a couple of Arm units along the way, but they should pose minimal threat to your grouped forces. If the mission doesn't end when you meet up with your Commander, set the rest of your units to roam (or just spread the group out yourself) and find the one or two units that escaped your initial sweep of the map. Once all of the Arm units are destroyed and the Commander secured, the mission will end.