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Narration: The Arm had achieved near total victory on Barathrum, when Core tank battalions instigated a renewed assault at Crustal 19. Arm casualties were heavy, as they were assaulted by wave after wave of powerful walking bombs. It appeared that the Core was protecting the galactic gate, located on the Crustal.

Mission Briefing[edit]

Capture the Gate on Crustal 19. Either recapture the rogue Zeus, or destroy it.

Priority Critical Core refuses to abandon the rich metal cauldron of Barathrum. They can be depended upon to fight hereafter with renewed determination. Sad news! Core has captured one of our Zeus units and have turned it to their uses. The Zeus contains critical information. Every moment that Core controls it bodes ill for Arm. Recapture the Zeus if you can. If not, destroy it. Push through their defenses. Push on... to another world.

Info Feed Core can be depended upon to throw everything they've got at you in an effort to deny you the Gate located among the giant lava globules to the east. Be ready for the Core walking bombs known as Roaches. They are relentless, and incredibly destructive.



Map for Core Campaign, mission 14: The Heat Increases

Starting units: Commander, 4 Fidos, 4 Zippers, and 2 Jethros.

Build a base starting with Solar Collectors, Metal Extractors, a Radar Tower, a KBot Lab, and a Vehicle Plant. Create a perimeter of Fidos and Zippers to start picking off the Roaches. Once the Vehicle Plant is in place, it may help to build Laser Towers.

Build a Construction KBot and Vehicle, and an Aircraft Plant. Build up a solid defensive force and establish a strong aerial assault force to move the perimeter outward and destroy the gun emplacements defending the Gate. When attacking the northern-most Punisher, attack the Fusion Power Plant nearby instead. When the Power Plant is destroyed, it will take out anything within a fairly large radius.

Start building Stumpy and Bulldog tanks and keep up air defenses as Core Rapiers will target the Commander. Build an Advanced Aircraft Plant and Advanced KBot Lab to start producing Merls, Hawks, and Phoenix bombers.

Use the aircraft to clear a path to the Gate, and then use short-range ground units to clear the defenses immediately around the Gate.