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Mission Briefing[edit]

TACC-Core-12-Time to Leave.jpg

Arm has become desperate. Their last assault on our fortress left us badly damaged. But that matters little - the implosion device is still intact.

Repair the base and prepare for the Arm assault that is sure to come.

The implosion device is activated. Use every available unit in its defense. We have the advantage. We hold the fortress and the device. Time is running out for Arm.

Soon the galaxy will belong to Core... and Arm will be no more.

To complete this mission you must keep the implosion device from being destroyed - 60 minutes.

A small matter.


Map Info[edit]

Planet Size Tidal Strength Solar Strength Wind Speed Gravity Max Units Water Damage Surface Metal Moho Metal
Ice 15x13 23 17 3000-4000 112 250 0 3 40

Beware of hail storms.

Area of Effect Edge Effectiveness Damage
32 0.5 50
Difficulty Radius Density Duration Interval
Easy 984 223 196 509
Medium 1451 333 375 440
Hard 1451 433 475 340