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Keyboard Command Description
Esc Cancels the current command before it is executed
F1 Display information on the selected unit
F2 Bring up the options menu
F3 Go to the unit that last reported information
F4 Lists kills, losses, player name, and colors
F5, F6, F7 Map Bookmarks
F8 Captures movie of gameplay (toggle on/off)
F9 Screen capture, will print screen to SHOT####.pcx
F11 Toggle Debug Mode
F12 Clear all chat messages
Pause Pause the game
~ Toggle on/off damage bars for the units
1 through 9 Select the menu for the selected unit
- Reduce the game speed
+ Increase the game speed
Tab Multiplayer-specific options
E Give a Reclaim order
R Give a Repair order
T Track the selected unit
O Select the Order menu for the selected unit
P Give a Patrol order
A Give an Attack order
S Give a Stop order (cancel any previous orders)
D Use the Disintegrator gun
F Toggle Unit AI (Hold Fire/Return Fire/Fire At Will)
G Give a Guard order
H Share resources with another player
Enter Activate the message bar
Shift Hold down to queue up multiple commands
C Give a Capture order
V Toggle Unit AI (Hold Position/Maneuver/Roam)
B Select the build menu for the selected unit
N Scroll to the next unit off screen
M Give a Move order
, Select the previous menu for the selected unit
. Select the next menu for the selected unit
Ctrl + (1 through 9) Assign the currently selected units to a group
Alt + (1 through 9) Activate the previously assigned group
Ctrl + A Select all units
Ctrl + S Select all units currently on the screen
Ctrl + D Self-destruct selected units
Ctrl + Z Select all units of the same type
Ctrl + C Select your Commander and center screen
Ctrl + V Select all aircraft

Battle Tactics/3.1 additional controls[edit]

Keyboard Command Description
Ctrl + W Select all mobile units with weapons except Commander
Ctrl + R Select all radar, radar jammers, sonar, and sonar jammers
Ctrl + P Select all aircraft with weapons

Additional notes[edit]

  • With the 3.1 patch, Factories assigned to a group will automatically assign units created there to that group.
  • The Shift key can give extra information when placing your cursor over particular units.
    • Cloaked units show a white circle indicating where an enemy has to be to see them
    • Construction units will show their build queue in green, and that of other construction units in blue