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Mission Briefing[edit]

TACC-ARM-12-The Salvation of a Galaxy.jpg

Though we have been pushed back into the frigid seas offshore of the mainland, reinforcements have arrived and the invasion of the mainland has begun! Core has a fortified base above the glacier wall. It will not be an easy base to take.

Priority Critical:
Indications are that the beacon has been taken to the fortress, where it has been converted into a horrendous implosion device... and that device has been activated. We have very little time to establish our base and make the final assault on the fortress.

Info Feed:
The implosion device has been activated! Succeed in completing this mission or the galaxy will end... and Arm with it.

In order to complete this mission, the Core Commander and the beacon must be destroyed before its timer ends... You have 90 minutes to destroy the device and all of Core.


Map Info[edit]

Planet Size Tidal Strength Solar Strength Wind Speed Gravity Max Units Water Damage Surface Metal Moho Metal
Ice 11x13 23 17 3000-4000 112 300 0 3 40
Hail Storm
Radius Density Duration Interval
4000 400 300 400
Area of Effect Edge Effectiveness Damage
100 0.5 100

(Note: the next mission in the ARM campaign is the Krogoth Encounter. The next page in the navigation on this page is the beginning of the Core campaign.)