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Narration: The commander had reached Dump - the solitary moon, which orbited CORE PRIME and served as the principal repository for its waste materials. Thousands of years of garbage, filled once majestic cayons, endly strewn over the moon surface. Preliminary reconnaissance indicated that the Dump did not appear to be well-defended; presumably, the heavy resistance was being organized on the surface of CORE PRIME itself...

Mission Briefing[edit]

Destroy the caretakers, and still functioning Core units, and secure Dump for Arm.

Priority Dump - the sole moon of Core Prime. Destroy all of the units that you find on Dump. We will launch our invasion of the Core homeworld from here.

Info Feed There is no atmosphere, nor water on Dump. Therefore air units cannot fly, and sea units are useless here. This is a ground mission Commander. Also, Dump has been used as a depository for the damaged and destroyed waste of eons of Core war effort. Reclaim the metal that you will find lying about to build Arm units for use against Core.



Map for Core Campaign, mission 20: Dump

Starting units: Commander, Zeus, 2 Fidos, 6 Zippers

At the beginning of this mission, a Core Construction KBot will wander into the Arm forces. Order all units to hold fire and order the Commander to capture the Construction KBot. Move forward to find a Jeffy trying to climb the wall of the labyrinth, and capture it as well. Finally, build Solar Collectors and Metal Extractors to begin collecting resources. Build a Radar Tower on the rock ledge to the north, and begin building a Vehicle Plant. If the Construction KBot was captured, build an Advanced KBot Lab as well and begin building Fidos and Zeus KBots.

When a good mix of KBots and Vehicles are available (10-20), move forward with the captured Jeffy scouting ahead of the force. To the north there should be a Core Radar Tower, defended by a group of 3 Instigators and 5 AKs. Try to destroy the units and capture the Radar Tower.

Continuing forward it helps to have 5 Bulldogs up front, followed by some Zippers and Fidos, 3 or 4 Merls, and a Construction KBot or Vehicle to reclaim metal and repair units. There are two groups of Core units ahead: a group of AKs supporting a Diplomat up on the hill, and a group of Goliaths and Reapers supporting another Diplomat to the east. The idea is that the AKs will bog down the units while the larger tanks and Diplomats destroy them, so the plan is to push through the AKs to get to the tanks while training longer range units on the Diplomats. If possible, a group of support troops can clean up the AKs while the main forces take on the tanks and Diplomats, just be sure to keep the Commander out of harm's way and keep more units coming.

Finally, at the top of the map, there will be 3 Goliaths, 3 Reapers, and a couple of Diplomats. Keep the Commander out of the Diplomats' range and send in overhwleming forces to finish the mission. In the worst case, the Core have no Construction capabilities here, so as long as production can be sustained and the Commander survives, the mission can be won.