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Mission Briefing[edit]

Narration: Much of Nigh Pilago had fallen under the Core onslaught, but the Arm still possessed a naval fleet large enough to cripple the invading force. The fleet had assembled at the harbor on Vebreen Atoll, and was poised for the attack.

Intell-tap Arm has assembled a huge fleet at Vebreen Atoll. The fleet is heading north. There is an island that is directly in the fleet's route that will serve as base of operations. If any of the enemy ships gets above parallel 72 to the north, you have failed Commander. Do not fail.

Stop the Arm fleet.



Map for Core Campaign, mission 19: The Vebreen Fleet

Starting units: Commander, 3 Searchers, 4 Snakes, Enforcer, Hydra, Warlord, Construction Ship, Construction KBot, 2 Punishers

The Arm fleet includes most of Arm's ships and a Warlord, but very few subs are to be found on Arm's side. To take advantage of this, get a Shipyard up quickly and start pumping out Snakes to send after the Arm fleet. Split your own naval forces between the eastern and western edges of the map, since these are the only places the Arm ships can pass. Since you start with 4 Snakes, make sure you have 2 on each side of your island.

As your sub fleet builds, split them between the 2 sides and keep a lookout for the Arm fleet. When they show up, target the carriers first, you don't want planes overhead making life miserable. The majority of the time on this map will be spent keeping a wall of subs between the enemy fleet and your own ships. The surface ships and the island's Punishers should target the enemy ships one at a time while the subs prevent them from making any significant progress. Picking targets quickly and taking them down will determine how this mission ends.