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Narration: Central consciousness was a conglomeration of the minds of millions of individuals, selected for their knowledgement abilities in various areas, whose principle business was control and administration of the Core empire. It was primarily housed on the ground, in the tremendous computer, which covered most of the continent. Its size made direct attacks ineffective, but Arm intelligence had discovered the physical location of its distributed processing control center - a point of vulnerability...

Mission Briefing[edit]

Take control of the dome at Central Plaza.

Priority We have found the Central Consciousness that directs the Core War machine. It lies beneath the huge dome at Central Plaza. Destroy the guard garrison stationed there and take the dome. When we control Central Consciousness, Core will surely be weakened sufficiently for Arm to secure the final victory!

Info Feed There are several entrances to the Central Plaza. Expect all of them to be well guarded. Expect the dome to be extraordinarily well guarded as well. Core defenses will be savage. You must be equally savage Commander.

Commander, you must stand at the top of the dome.



Map for Core Campaign, mission 24: Breakthrough to Central Consciousness

Starting units: Commander, 5 Zippers, 3 Fidos, Zeus

Start by moving to the southwestern corner of the map and begin building a base, starting with resource collection and a KBot Lab and a Vehicle Plant. The walls that break the southern portion of the map into a pair of corridors should help protect the base. Setup a Radar Tower on top of the wall to help see enemies coming toward the base, and later provide targeting for long-range weapons. This should be followed by an Aircraft Plant.

Build a Construction KBot, followed by 5 or more each of PeeWees, Hammers, and Rockos. The Construction KBot should start work on an Advanced KBot Lab. A Construction Vehicle and 5 or more Samsons should be built at the Vehicle Plant. The Construction Vehicle should start work on an Advanced Construction Vehicle, which should in turn produce an Advanced Construction Vehicle. The Aircraft Plant should build a Construction Aircraft, which should in turn build an Advanced Aircraft Plant.

As the plants go up, start moving KBots and Vehicles to the corridor between the walls. This provides for expanding the perimeter, and gives more space for preparing the eventual assault force. The Advanced Aircraft Plant should start producing Hawks, Phoenix bombers, and Brawlers to give air support for the coming strikes. Build another Radar Tower on the forward wall to expand the radar coverage. With the Tower in place, it should be possible to move up Fidos, Hammers, Rockos, and eventually Merls to lay siege on the Core forces surrounding the dome. Specifically, there should be a group of Gaat Guns to the northeast (in the circle southwest of the dome). Once the strikes against Core's forces begin, another Radar Tower can be built on the western wall to provide more targets.

Sentinels and Defenders should be built along the walls to help defend units and the base. The Advanced Construction Vehicle should build a Moho Mine and Fusion Reactor behind the southernmost wall, with help from other Construction units if possible, in order to begin construction of Big Berthas. The first Bertha should go up somewhere between the two northern-most Radar Towers (on the western wall and the northernmost of the two southern walls. Samsons should be nearby to provide for its defense, and in general it would be a good staging point for the remainder of the offensives.

At this point, it should be possible to begin running air strikes along either the southern half or the western half of the map to provide targets for the Bertha. Use aircraft to do initial spotting and some damage, with KBots and Vehicles with long-range weapons moving into range behind them, followed by Construction units (and the Commander) to provide more Radar Towers. The pattern should be repeated until all of the Core forces are removed, and then the Commander can head for the Dome to finish the mission.