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This walkthrough primarily focuses on specific tactics for specific scenarios. It will not necessarily give step-by-step instructions for getting through a scenario, because play styles can vary and there is not necessarily a specific way to win in a particular scenario. Different players may prefer a long scenario with a crushing end game, or a quick army with an overwhelming starting force.

For more general strategies, see Tactics and strategies, which can easily be applied to individual scenarios.

TA Arm Logo.png

The Arm Walkthrough starts with A Hero Returns. The Core have begun building bases from which they plan to conquer the Arm homeworld of Empyrrean. The planet often features lush and rugged terrain. Arm must fight to secure their home, and then push back through the Galactic Gates to find the Core wherever they remain.

TA Core Logo.png

The Core Walkthrough starts with The Commander Reactivated. The Core campaign starts on their homeworld, Prime. This is an inhuman place seemingly constructed rather than grown. The landscape is barren metal, and often features maze-like environs. In this campaign, the Core must cleanse their homeworld of the Arm vermin and push back into other worlds to purge the galaxy of the Arm once and for all.