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Narration: Pushing the Core back across Rougpelt, Arm forces were confronted by a tremendous, wall of rock, which stretched from horizon to horizon. There appeared to be only a single, slender pass through - the Core would certainly be waiting there...

Mission Briefing[edit]

Destroy all mobile units, and capture or destroy the structures in the stockpile fortress above the Abutment.

Priority Core has the advantage in that they have knowledge of the terrain hereabout. We have pushed them back to the other side of the cliffs to the north. You must destroy all of the Core mobile units there if we are to continue to push Core entirely off of Rougpelt.

Info Feed Be ever wary of Rougpelt's meteor showers. The Abutment will be a formidable barrier against your attack on the Core stockpile, but the barrier limits Core's maneuverability as well. A strong and well coordinated air/ground attack should do the trick!



Map for Core Campaign, mission 16: Stockpile at the Abutment

Starting units: Commander, 3 Zippers, 2 Fidos, and 1 Zeus.

Build a Vehicle Plant and start producing Samsons for protection against enemy aircraft. Flash and Stumpy tanks will defend against Core ground units coming through the opening near the center of the wall to the north. These units should be followed by a Construction Vehicle which should be used to build some Defender towers.

Once the base is relatively secure, build an Aircraft Plant to produce a Construction Aircraft and some Freedom Fighters. Build an Advanced Aircraft Plant and use the fighters for defense while producing Brawlers, Hawks, and Phoenix bombers to prepare for the assault of the Core base. The Commander should patrol to reclaim metal and energy from enemy units and the indigenous lifeforms and terrain.

Taking down the Pulverizers and Punisher guarding the pass will be the first priority once air strength has been established. Continue destroying the defenses in the area to clear the way for ground units to get through.

Build an Advanced Vehicle Plant to produce Spiders. The Spiders should accompany the ground units through the pass to stun enemy units and structures that haven't already been cleared by the aircraft. The aircraft should start making a path west from the pass, so the ground units can get through to the Moho Mine and Geothermal Power Plants. Destroy the Diplomats and Crashers and clear the way.

The ground units should be accompanied by construction units to clear wrecks (especially around the pass) to keep things moving. The Commander can come along and capture structures along the way as well, especially with the Spiders disabling defensive structures.

The remainder of the mission will be search-and-destroy to clear out the enemy forces. The structures don't matter as long as they can't harm the Arm, but in order to complete the mission every last Core unit must be destroyed.