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The Sims Build Mode allows for all aspects of building, decorating, and landscaping. The options are broken into several categories.

  • The Wall Tool: This allows you to place different walls simply by clicking and dragging. Holding SHIFT while dragging will make a box. You can also choose other wall types such as fences, banisters and columns. Holding CTRL removes Walls.
  • Wallpaper Tool: This allows you apply a variety of different wall coverings; from paint to wood panelling. Left click on a wall to apply the paint, Holding SHIFT will apply the covering too the whole room. CTRL removes paint.
  • Floor Tool: Left click to apply a variety of floor coverings, SHIFT will cover a whole room and CTRL will remove flooring.
  • Fireplace Tool: Place a variety of fire places (must be against a wall).
  • Landscape Tool: This tool allows you to raise, lower and flatten the land.
  • Water Tool: This allows you to place lakes and swimming pools, as well as diving boards, slides and pool ladders.
  • Staircase Tool: For adding staircases, or a teleporter, for access to another floor. Only two floors per house are allowed.
  • Door Tool: Putting doors into a room (must be in a wall)
  • Window Tool: Putting windows in a room provides light and rises you environment rating(must be in a wall).
  • Roof Tool: Select the pitch and style of you roof.
  • Garden Tool: Add flowers, bushes, trees and other garden objects.