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Build Mode allows for all aspects of building, decorating, and landscaping houses in The Sims 2. This article reviews the objects and tools of build mode.

Build Mode and Tool Basics[edit]

To enter build mode, just click on its icon and you're there. The panel features tools, object categories and other subcategories.

  • Walls: Place walls simply by clicking and dragging. Holding  Shift  while dragging will make a box. Other wall types exist such as fences, banisters and columns. Holding  Ctrl  removes Walls.
  • Doors and Windows: . Left click Mouse left click on a wall to place a door, arch or window (must be placed in a wall). Putting windows in a room provides light and rises you environment rating(must be in a wall). Holding  Ctrl  over a door or window and left-clicking Mouse left click will remove it
  • Flooring: Left click Mouse left click to apply a variety of floor coverings,  Shift  will cover a whole room and  Ctrl  will remove flooring.
  • Wall Coverings: Apply a variety of different wall coverings; from paint to wood panelling. Left click Mouse left click on a wall to apply the paint, Holding  Shift  will apply the covering to the entire room.  Ctrl  removes paint.
  • Staircases: For adding staircases, or a teleporter, for access to another floor. Only two floors per house are allowed.
  • Garages:
  • Decks and Foundations:
  • Terrain: The elevation tool allows raising, lowering or flattening land. Hold  Shift  to invert direction. The ground cover tool allows painting the ground with various textures. Holding  Ctrl  will remove any textures applied. The water tool allows placing of lakes
  • Gardening: Add flowers, bushes, trees and other garden objects.
  • Roofs: Select the pitch and style of you roof.


  • Columns: Basic column.
  • Multi-story Columns: Multi-story columns can span from two to three stories.
  • Connecting Column Arches: Multiple columns can be connected to form arches if a one tile gap is provided.
  • Awnings: Awnings are created in a similar manner to roofs or rooms and provide cover from the elements.
  • Pools: The pool tool allows placing of swimming pools, as well as diving boards, slides and pool ladders. Hold  Ctrl  and left-click Mouse left click drag over pool tiles to remove them.
  • Fireplaces: Place a variety of fireplaces (must be against a wall).
  • Fence Tool: A wide variety of fences, low high and ornate can be placed. Holding  Ctrl  and left-clicking Mouse left click + drag will remove fences.
  • Gates:
  • Elevators: