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Sims of all ages (excluding Toddlers and Babies) can teach their dogs and cats tricks. Some can be helpful (such as teaching your pet to "Come here") whereas others have no affect other than a gain of relationship. You also need to teach your pets tricks for them to get a promotion in their job. You cannot teach Puppies or Kittens tricks.

Teach your pet a trick[edit]

Click on a pet and then on "Teach Trick...", and then select the trick you want to teach them.

Their pet will then have a bar above it's head to show what stage it is in learning the trick. If the pet is intelligent it will learn tricks quicker than pets who are a dofus.

Training can drain your pet's needs, especially Energy and Hunger. Try and teach them tricks when they are in a good mood, but not just before they go to work or they will have a worse performance, or even worse they might miss the carpool if you don't stop the training. Give your pets enough time after training to gather their needs up if they are a working cat or dog so they have a better chance of Promotion.

To get your pet to do one of it's tricks, click on them and then "Command..." and choose the trick. Note thast learned tricks under Commands are mixed in with learned Behaviours.

Effective Tricks[edit]

If you teach your pet the Come Here command, they will come running to your Sim. But if the doors are locked they won't be able to get to them.

Cats can be taught the Use Toilet command. After learning this, they might decide to use a sim toilet instead of a litter tray. This means your sims don't have to clean up cat droppings, but the toilets get dirty a hole lot faster!

Non-Affective tricks[edit]

Many of the tricks have no effect, although they do still raise their relationship with the Sim.

These commands have no effect;

  • Stay
  • Speak
  • Roll Over
  • Play Dead
  • Sit up