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The Sims 2 Seasons comes with lots of new socials and activities.

Give Gift[edit]

Giving a gift is a new way of getting an object from a controllable sim to a non-controllable sim. It can spark with reactions.

  • Happy
  • Neutral
  • Unhappy

The reactions rely on the gifts value, the relationship and whether the season is winter. What controls the reaction is a points system. How many points the gift has controls the reaction. If the points are under 19, the gift will be rejected. If the points are between 20 and 59, the gift will be accepted unenthusiastically. If the points are above 60, the gift will be accepted enthusiastically. The relationship used for scoring is the recipients daily relationship to your sim.

Daily relationship <-76 -75--51 -50--26 -25--1 0-20 21-40 41-60 61-80 81-100
Points -50 -40 -30 -15 15 30 40 50 60

The value of the gift reflects the depreciated value of the specific object, not the initial price.

Value 0-10 11-50 51-100 101-100 501-1000 1001-5000 >5000

Winter also adds 20 points to the score. The relationship change depends on the reaction.

  • If the reaction is happy:
    • Both sims social need will increase by a 5%
    • Your sims daily relationship will increase by 5 points
    • Your sims lifetime relationship will increase by 2 points
    • The recipients daily will increase by 7 points
    • The recipients lifetime will increase by 2 points
  • If the reaction is neutral:
    • The social bar for both sims will increase by 2.5%
    • There will be no increase in lifetime
    • Both sims daily will increase by 3 points
  • If the gift is rejected:
    • There will be no increase in the social bar
    • Both sims daily will decrease by 5 points
    • Both sims lifetime will decrease by 2 points

Lastly teens and older can give a gift to anyone teenaged or older. If there want to give a child a gift, that child must be related. As well children can only give gifts to family members.

Play Interactions[edit]

Marco Polo[edit]

Anyone except toddlers can play this game as long as they have access to a pool. This version is played just like in real life. One sim is 'it' and has to tag or splash another sim. If you see a sim getting out of the pool while playing, don't worry because they're still playing. They're just looking for a new hiding place. This interaction also increases fun

Play Catch[edit]

This game is available to anyone except toddlers if their daily for the other sim is above -20. The other sim will say yes if asked to play if

  • Daily>-15
  • Daily<-15, Playful>8
  • Daily<-15, Playful<8 and Lifetime>10

If a sim playing is grouchy, they might through very hard. If they have low body skill, they might also drop the ball. Rejection has negative effects on relationships

  • Both sims social increases by a fraction
  • The initiating sim's daily decreases by 7
  • The recipient's daily decreases by 5
  • Both sims' lifetime decreases by 1

Snowball Fight[edit]

Anyone can play this game however, the initiating sims daily must first be above neutral and lifetime must be above -10. It must also by snowing and there must be a spacious area. The other sim will agree to play if

  • Daily>40
  • Daily<40, Playful>8
  • Daily<40, Playful<8, Lifetime>-20

If the other sim agrees to play

  • Both sims' social will increase by a fraction
  • Both sims' daily will increase by 5
  • Both sims' lifetime will increase by 1

If the offer is rejected

  • There will be no increase in social
  • Both sims' daily will decrease by 5
  • Both sims' lifetime will decrease by 1

How good the sim is at ducking snow depends on the sim's body skill.

Water Balloon Fight[edit]

This game is functionally identical to a snowball fight except that your sims are fighting with water balloons instead of snowballs. There must be spacious area to play this game. Whether the other sim agrees to play depends exactly on the same conditions as above. The relationship changes are also the same as above.

Prank interactions[edit]

Pollen Cloud[edit]

This interaction is limited to Plantsims. They can't perform this prank on children or younger sims either. If the sim is grouchy, they may perform this interaction without your selecting it. How they react depends on a variety of factors including personality, mood and lifetime relationship. If the other sim enjoys the prank

  • The social bar will increase by almost a tenth for the plantsim
  • The social bar will increase by a fifth and a bit for the other sim
  • Each sims daily will increase by 4 points
  • There will be no increase in lifetime.


The penguin is a new NPC that can be interacted with. The chances of him coming depend on how much snow there is and how much fish there are. He will try to eat fish left on the lot, he will talk with scarecrows and snowman and he belly slides if the lot is completely covered in snow. There are only two interactions with him.

  • Pet: There's no hidden danger from petting the penguin.
  • Shoo: Penguin leaves the lot.

Object-based interactions[edit]

These group activities revolve around certain objects and can increase relationship points.

  • Lakes: Sims can fish as a group on any lake.
  • Skating rinks: More than one sim can skate at a time on the ice and roller skating rinks.
  • Snowman: Sims can work together to build a snowman.
  • Leaf piles: Two or more sims can play in leaf piles gathered up during autumn.