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Some objects in The Sims 2: Nightlife can't be found in buy mode or build mode. This article looks at those objects.

Community-Lot Only[edit]


Chiclettina "Fjord" All purpose Counter[edit]

Chiclettina "Fjord" All purpose Counter
Chiclettina "Fjord" All purpose Counter.
Need EffectsEnvironment 2
Community SortMiscellaneous, Shopping


Signs of Elliptical Joy by Alexandra Workman[edit]

Signs of Elliptical Joy by Alexandra Workman
Signs of Elliptical Joy by Alexandra Workman.
Need EffectsEnvironment 1
Community SortMiscellaneous, Outdoor

The Parallelosign by Signalellocorp[edit]

The Parallelogisn by Signalellocorp
The Parallelogisn by Signalellocorp.
Need EffectsEnvironment 1
Community SortMiscellaneous, Outdoor

Restaurant Sign by Upturned Nose[edit]

Restaurant Sign by Upturned Nose
Restaurant Sign by Upturned Nose.
Need EffectsEnvironment 10
Community SortMiscellaneous, Street, Food


Neukum Systems "Hep Cat" 50s Rock Wall Speaker[edit]

Neukum Systems "Hep Cat" 50s Rock Wall Speaker
Need EffectsFun 2
Community SortMiscellaneous, Outdoor, Shopping, Food

Plays only one kind of music stated in the object name.

Neukum Systems "Isorhythm" Classical Wall Speaker[edit]

Neukum Systems "Isorhythm" Classical Wall Speaker
Neukum Systems "Isorhythm" Classical Wall Speaker.
Need EffectsFun 2
Community SortMiscellaneous, Outdoor, Shopping, Food

Plays only one kind of music stated in the object name.


Tempest Cooktop from Cuas[edit]

Tempest Cooktop from Cuas
Tempest Cooktop from Cuas.
Need EffectsEnvironment 10
Community SortFood

Spawns the chef NPC. Required for restaurants. This object is also available with Open for Business.


"Gastronomique" Restaurant Podium[edit]

"Gastronomique" Restaurant Podium
"Gastronomique" Restaurant Podium.
Community SortFood

Required for restaurants. Spawns the host and server NPCs.


  • Be Seated/At Counter: Seats your Sim and other Sims on date or outing.
  • Give Up Seated: Available if Sims haven't ordered.
  • Skip Out on Bill: Sim attempts to avoid host for 45 Sim minutes. If successful, Sim gets a free meal.
  • Pay Bill/Use Coupon: Sim pays for the meal. If Sims have a coupon they can use that as well.

"Compulsion" Fragrance Display[edit]

"Complusion" Fragrance Display
"Complusion" Fragrance Display.
Need EffectsFun 4, Environment 9
Community SortShopping

Sells cologne at 1, 3, 5 and 10 bottles per purchase. Cologne can be a turn on or off and so has strategic advantage in the dating game.

Aspiration Rewards[edit]

ReNuYuSenso Orb[edit]

Place your sim's head in and change their life for better..
or leave your sims with a desire for grilled cheese sandwiches
  • Point Cost: 6250
  • Uses: 5

If using this aspiration reward is successful then your sims get the opportunity to change their aspiration, turn ons and turn offs.

If this aspiration reward fails (Can only happen if aspiration is lower than gold) then your sim gets the Grilled Cheese aspiration.

Your Sim[edit]

The sim with the highest attraction score will glow brilliantly

Your sim has several new interactions.

  • Scope Room: Sim looks around the room and lists the sim for which he or she has the highest attraction.
  • Primp: Sim gets out a hand mirror and improves their hygiene. Outgoing and neat sims might do this autonomously. Vampires get loss of comfort if they perform this interaction.
  • Gather Casual Group: Gathers members of a group together.
  • End Casual Group: Ends outings that your sim is on.
  • Drink Potion: Sims drinks selected potion that's in the inventory.
  • Apply Cologne: Sim sprays cologne on.


Date Rewards[edit]

Dream Dates earn you the bouquet
Great dates can earn you a flower from your sim's lover

Dates can unlock this objects.

  • "You're My Dream Date" Bouquet: Dream Date, worth $55
  • "I had a Great Time" Flower: Great, worth $15
The mail can show whether other sims like you...
or whether they never want to see your face.
  • "Thanks for the Fun" Note: Good, worth $5
  • "Don't Call Me" Note: Bad. worth $5
The poo bag can come anytime and drags environment score down
The coupon comes if the date involved dining
  • Worst Date Ever Flaming Poo Bag: Horrible, can't be deleted.
  • Coupon for a Free Meal: If the date involved dining at a restaurant.


When a sim uses a love potion, you'll definitely know
Sims can use potions outside the inventory. It's just quicker when it is in there

These potions are purchased from the Gypsy matchmaker.

  • ReNuYu Porta Chug: Can't be purchased. Changes Turn Ons and Turn Off for sims.
  • Love Potion #8.5: Boosts your sim's attraction rating with other sims.
  • Vamprocillin-D: Cures your sim of Vampirism


The flower aren't from the cologne, they come from a love potion. Cologne is sprayed, not consumed
These photos can also be hung from the wall. Apart from that, there really isn't much you can do with them.

These objects are purchased on community lots.

  • "Compulsion" by Melvin Stein: Bought from the cologne rack. Worth $125
  • Photobooth Pix: Purchased from the photo booth.