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Your sims are now getting out of the house and going to college. This article explains how to start getting the ultimate college experience.

College Towns[edit]

When you first load the game, you are given the option to add a 'university' or 'college town' to your neighbourhood. Like sub-neighbourhoods in the original sims, universities are tied to their base neighbourhood. You are also given a choice of three universities. You can choose one or choose all three. In fact, you can have an infinite number of colleges. Each college has different lots but share some similarities. In college towns you're bound to find.

  • Dormitories. Where sims go when they start college but don't have enough money for a private residence. Dorms have all the basic necessities for your sims.
  • Residences. If you don't want to share a lot with other sims and have the money, you can opt for a private residence.
  • Greek Houses. Sims can join fraternities and sororities in college. In fact, there's no gender limitation on Greek Houses.
  • Gyms. Sims are sure to find a gym to work out and exercise.
  • Libraries. Some sims need the quiet atmosphere of a library so they can study for their exams.
  • Coffee Houses. Sims may need an espresso rush to give them enough energy to pass their final exam.
  • Student Lounge. Socialize and relax from the pressures of class. Play at the arcade or try your hand at pool. Some lounges even have instruments to perform with
  • Campus Shops. Sims don't need to journey back to their home neighbourhood to find their shopping needs. Groceries, Magazines, Games, Clothes and Gadgets are all available at the college.

Getting Into College[edit]

Only teens can enter college. There are a few ways to get into college.

  • Create your own students in the Create-A-Student menu.
  • Use the send teens to college button in the neighbourhood view.
  • Call the college with your phone and select College. Then click Move to College out of the options.

Before you go to college you may want to earn a scholarship. There are plenty of scholarships to get for various achievements such as getting high grades and earning high skill. Scholarships are earned at the new College menu available on the phone. Regardless of how you get a sim to college, all sims are dropped into the student bin. Move them into any lot that's available. If the sim was a teen, a special movie will play of them growing up.

Living in College[edit]

There are plenty of things to do in college.

Greek Houses[edit]

One major want for popularity sims is to join a greek house. To do this select the Greek House menu on the phone and click on join and choose the house you wish to join. After a while, members from the house will come and you will be required to impress them enough for you to join. Alternatively, you can play the house and get members with the Ask to Pledge interaction.


Get sims to do what you want. Influence is a new tool for the manipulative sim. When you fulfill certain wants they add points to the influence meter. As the meter fills up you can make sims do certain acts such as socializing with other sims, pulling pranks and doing your homework. As well, you can earn more influence when you earn more friends.


Fortune sims want money even in college. There are several ways to earn money.

  • Getting a job. The job isn't official but you can earn money by working as a bartender, barista or working in the cafeteria.
  • Playing an instrument. You can perform music for tips. You can also rap along to the music if that's your flair.
  • Passing exams. You earn cash rewards whenever you pass exams. The higher the grade the higher the money.


There are three new parties in The Sims 2: University.

  • Sports Party. Available if you have a TV. Sims love their sports. Invite your sims over and watch the new sports channel.
  • Toga Party. Available in a greek house. Sims don bed sheets and party with their friends.
  • Graduation Party. Available when a sim has passed all their final exams. Commemorate your four years at college with a special party. At the end of the party, your sim goes home.


Academics are the point of colleges. In the skills panel, you'll notice a new bar, fill that bar up to pass your final exam. If you can't fill it up, check your skills. If a skill is highlighted and hasn't been gained, it's holding you back. Complete your skills to achieve the highest level. At your final exam, your grade is taken. If it's red, you failed, if it isn't you passed. Failing means two things.

  • Fail once and you are put on academic probation and have to repeat the semester.
  • Fail twice consecutively and you get kicked out of college. You can also drop out if it becomes too hard.

Why would you want to pass your final exam? Graduating out of college gives you special benefits. You can also influence the skills you need by choosing a major.

Out of College[edit]

There are several benefits from graduating from college.


Getting a diploma helps your career. You can also choose from four more careers if you graduated.

  • Paranormal
  • Show Business
  • Natural Science
  • Artist

Lifetime Wants[edit]

All sims receive a lifetime want. Colleges give you more time to fulfill your lifetime want if it's a non-career one. If it is a career one, then graduating will help you in your chosen career. Fulfilling your lifetime want will put you in platinum aspiration for the rest of your life.